NGP: Launch games official, pre-E3 info explodes

Sony has lifted a bulk embargo on pre-E3 NGP content, confirming the new Uncharted title as Golden Abyss and giving early access to the machine itself.

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a_bro2691d ago

"PS Vita (Wifi ver) will retail for $249 USD" that is what Im dreaming about.

Nitrowolf22691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

That would win over the crowd so much. PS3 launch expensive, that was the issue for it and Sony shouldn't make that mistake again.
If they can get it for lower then $300, then i think Sony is gonna see huge sales for NGP on launch date.

$350 is doable but still not that attractive, but $400 is pushing is IMO

-Alpha2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

$250 seems unlikely considering the 3DS, which is much more inferior in hardware, sold at that price.

I'm expecting $300 or $350. I think both handhelds market to two different sides of the same coin, and that they while they may generally compete against each other, both have a significant hardcore fanbase

jony_dols2691d ago

It would make sense if Sony launched the Wifi version at $250.

Ok, in the beginning it will put them in the red, but they would sell so many NGPs that they would be in profits in no time.

Hell with games like Uncharted & Wipeout at launch, they wouldn't be able to make enough of them, and it would rocket them (for the first time) to top of the handheld market...

Omega Archetype2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

@-Alpha, you've got to remember, Nintendo always sells at a profit. So eventhough it's priced at $250, doesn't mean the actual cost to make it is that much.

Sony on the other hand almost always sells at a loss hoping that software will make up the difference and make them an actual profit (which also works.)

In any case, I sure hope its' $250! I'll buy one on launch day if it's $250 (heck I'll buy one on launch day if it's $300, but no more.)

Now if the 3G version is $300, I'll be getting that, if not...well I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I need to look into how much 3G service will cost before deciding. At $300 though, I'd buy it, even though I may not be using the 3G right away I will have the ability to when I can! Can't wait for all the official info though, E3 is going to own!

morganfell2691d ago

The PS3 was not expensive at launch if you can count. My 60Gb cost me $599 at launch....and that is all it cost.

My 360 on the other hand cost $399 at launch. After 5 years of Live, well, do the math.

You can also look at the fact that I don't have a $179 doorstop called an HD DVD player for my PS3 either.

In this media heavy age, consider the cost of upgraded drives for each console. Cumulative cost for the 360 may a launch Ps3 cheap by comparison.

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remanutd552691d ago

3G version will retail for $299.99 that is what im dreaming about lol

SicK_Scope2691d ago

I agree. I think if they over charge though they will loss people so im thinking 299.99 is a good price.

milohighclub2691d ago

I know I'm dreaming but 250 for 3g. Who wants to pay 300+ for a handheld? Yeah the graphics are good but the more screens I see the more I notice how the graphics are no where near home console.

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Tripl3seis2691d ago

im dreaming of the release date during black friday or Christmas time what u guys think?

jay22691d ago

£249.99/£299.99 for them in the UK, and woho this years sounding good, uncharted day 0!!!!!!!

VampiricDragon2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

those launch titles are very similar to what the psp had. They had a wipeout title, a golf title, the casual game (majong and lumines) and the longer title like uncharted which was armored core, ape escape, metal gear solid, ect

I hope that article where the guy said there would be like 25 games at launch would burn.

MoDyDo2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Dude this is only first party lunch line up, so yea it might end up to be 15+, I'm really excited about NGP and I can't wait for E3 XD

VampiricDragon2691d ago

I am just refering to that fake list not to long ago.

So far its shaping up to be very similar to the psp launch (a good thing) with titles very similar or the exact same like golf and wipeout.

I am pumped for both handhelds.

I hope they both break 80+ million and tell the smartphone crowd to go to hell.

MoDyDo2691d ago

and I hope we will see a lotta great games for both of them

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