Wal-Mart confirms $198 Toshiba HD DVD Player

It's official. CNN Money and Fortune Magazine confirm on October 25th that Wal-Mart has begun selling Toshiba's second-generation HD-A2 HD DVD player for $198.

Wal-Mart spokesperson Melissa O'Brien confirmed the rollback: "We reduced our HD DVD Toshiba player, the generation-two, to $198 earlier in the week." O'Brien also denied rumors that each Wal-Mart store would stock only 18 units of the Toshiba player, saying: "There are no limited quantities for stores or purchases."

Hi-Def Digest reports that the $198 price for Toshiba HD-A2 is currently being offered for in-store purchases only. Wal-Mart's website still lists the player at $274.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4870d ago

unless they get some Blu ray players for that price also. It's not rocket science.

shmee4870d ago

HD DVD has been around 250$ for months ans still the uptake is minimal.

90% of the Japanese producers are not even producing HD DVD drives.

do u think a consumer would choose HD DVD over BD

It is like choosing UMD over BD

apply some common sense

sonarus4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

hd-dvd has been 250 for months is true but that 50 dollar price point is going to make a big difference this xmas. Blu ray backers better start selling their players low at least 300 dollars. If they can sell a ps3 for 400 they can definetly sell blu ray for 250.

shmee4870d ago

despite millions of ps3 owners BD could attract SOLE MOVIE WATCHERS too by lowering prices .

However i still believe it wont make any diff for HD DVD . In NA it could move a certain units but for sure EU and JAPAN are just lost territories for HD DVD

But i still would say " why take chance unnecessarily when SONY could drop the price of BD ?"

joevfx4870d ago

haha blu ray is not F'd. this is a last desprate attempt to make some money back before toshiba drops out of the race. Hell with transformers being the biggest hd movie ever released it still didnt help hd dvd beat out blu ray sales for that week. plus, do you really think blu ray players wont drop in price before xmas, gimme a break. add to that pixar movies, pirates 3 and spidey 3 coming out hd dvd is the one who is F'd my friend.

Wingnut264870d ago

Another 1080i "HD" player. That's always pissed me off that they bring in these low priced players that display this interlaced HD bull crap.

Silver3604870d ago

People goto to WalMart for everything at low prices. If they see this there it will be one more thing that WalMart endorses. They get in on the Hi Definition bandwagon at a low price. And here is the kicker most will think there is no difference between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD . So all bull aside this is a serious kick to the groin for Sony.

FF7numba14869d ago

to the guy above me:
really? spiderman will kill hd dvd and blu-ray players will get a price drop too, maybe. Doesn't matter they are leading.

smturner684869d ago

It will make a difference. Because, I now think it's a good gift price. I just might get my dad one for Christmas. That's about my limit, but it'd be cool for him, because he has a 1080i 50" tv.

People need to realize this. MANY people have HDTV's and have NO HD programming. I know a guy at work, and until I gave him my old HDTV antenna, he just had SD DirecTv. Of course, then after he saw the difference, he's gonna upgrade. My dad, who used to be savvy with electronics, doesn't have the HD box either. I think if I get him this player, and a few months paid of NETFLIX, then he'll get with the program. Maybe he'll either upgrade to high def with his Dish network, or he'll see that some movies are only highdef on Blu-ray and get one of those players too. I don't know, but I still think it's a great gift to receive when you have a highdef tv, but no source, or no current highdef disc source.

The points a lot of you bring up are becoming moot. By buying this player, it doesn't mean you can't later upgrade, but it'll certainly be worth a measly 200 dollars to get your feet wet. I love having both highdef movie format players in my house. Now, I just need to get rid of Dish network and get DirecTV because they have better pricing and a WAY better selection of HighDef channels. Too bad their DVR's aren't as good as Dish Network's.

lawman11084869d ago

Add an HD player to the mix along with my PS3 playing Blue-ray is all this system is good for. I should have used the money to get that LG BR/HD combo player.

ruibing4869d ago

I knew Toshiba was going to use a price cut strategy to boost its sales and make claims of having more stand alone players (since they conveniently decide not to include the PS3), so I guess this is their holiday strategy. A $200 1080i HD-DVD player versus a $400 1080p PS3. Anyone who can look beyond $200 will just buy the PS3 unless their hatred for Sony is clouding their judgement. Just think of it as buying a $200 1080p Blu Ray player bundled with a $200 PS3.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4870d ago

But it's obviously gonna push HD DVD players for that price.

socomnick4870d ago

Im buying me this hd-dvd player 200 dollars is sweet.
I Hope its 1080p.

sticky doja4870d ago

Its not, its 1080i I believe. Reguardless though, its a great deal for the price. Like I have said in a previous post, it is for the people that can't afford 1080p, like myself and most americans.

ruibing4869d ago

The whole point of next gen DVDs is for highest resolution possible, and the HD-A2 only does 1080i. You might as well just get a $400 PS3 that does 1080p Blu Ray and plays next-gen games.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4870d ago

Now they are facing not 1 but 2 pretty brutal rivals, they don't just have to deal with Microsoft, they also have to deal with Toshiba who is pretty much the DVD king.

jiggyjay4870d ago

I can definiely agree with you there but without the PS3 having blu ray then blu ray would've been already dead before it even launched because of the price difference between it and HD DVD...

joevfx4870d ago

are you insane. the PS3 is the reason blu ray is on top. believe it or not Sony knows what they are doing.

YoMeViet4870d ago

Why did you do 3 post in a row? and why did post #2 sound like it's replying to your 1st post?
#1 "Blu ray is f*cked"
#2 "I don't know if it's F*cked"

you sound a little bi-polar dude.O_O

ktchong4870d ago

I think he's freaking out... which is what Sony and the Blu-ray camp are likely doing right now.

paul_war4870d ago

I'm sure Sony arn't 'freaking out', they wouldn't be where suprised by a move like this, they would have seen this comming & have plans of .their own. Like almost any business would/

Blitzed4870d ago

Lightning has always been all over the map. The guy can't think for himself and has a panic attack with every piece of news thats posted.

"BD FTW! No wait, HDDVD FTW, wait...PS3 rules! Oh, negative news, the PS3 is doomed. Oh wait another sales report, PS3 FTW! Crap, what did that blog say...will someone please tell me what to think!"

Grow a spine dude. Mean what you say and say what you mean.

Sez 4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

if this is true. i will be getting this next month.

edit: thanks wageslave. i will do that. i totally forgot you could use MS's hd-dvd on a computer. thanks again for the recommendation

wageslave4870d ago

I recommend you get the Xbox 360 External HD-DVD player instead. This is what I did. Why?

A) Pile of Free Movies.
B) Less money ($165) (
C) It can be used with your PC*
*D) Which means that you'll be able to use it to stream to Windows Media Center
*E) Which means that you'll be able to use it for the DATA HD-DVDs that are going to start to appear.
*F) Which means that you'll be able to use it for years to come even if you want to buy a another HD-DVD, BR, or Combo player in the futre.

The Xbox 360 HD-DVD is future proof. BlueRay is going to be dead on the desktop because Sony RIAA and Sony MPAA are only interested in it as a DRM-secure format, not a read-write data format.

(and here is a big hush-hush) Since HD-DVDs are the next high-storage format for PCs, you can bet that whatever ripping software appears, it will support HD-DVD primarily.

HD-DVD will be shipping in Toshiba boxes. Oh, and HD-DVD is also Sharp & NEC which make a *fcuk* of a lot of OEM drives for computers (if you didnt know).

ActionBastard4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

$200 for a discontinued HD DVD player? No 1080p? No multichannel analog outputs? If this is a deal, then O.J.'s innocent...

Blitzed4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

I recommend you ask Bill Gates to wear a condom.

You sound like an ad sometimes.