IGN- PSN Welcome Back: The Games to Get

IGN: "Which PS3 games should you choose? We'll help you decide.

This is an analysis of the North American Welcome Back program's PlayStation 3 games. Gamers in other territories are eligible for a very similar package of games, but there will be some differences. "

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iPad2692d ago

D/Ling inFAMOUS right now. Now, I don't know what other game to get: Super Star Dust or Dead Nation

MintBerryCrunch2692d ago

if you're into co-op...get dead nation

just_looken2692d ago

fyi dead nation small community but yes with friends alot of fun. i got stardust and wipeout the only 2 i didn't own before.


I will get PSP games instead... Already have Infamous and LBP, not really a fan of either Wipeout or Stardust. Also, my PSP collection is really really small, so it could use the love.

Now I'm just waiting 'till PSN is more stable, last I checked (yesterday) everyone os trying to download so it was pretty messy... Probably will get my games tomorrow or monday.

Parapraxis2692d ago

bishop-br, you can get 2 PS3 games & 2 psp games.
a total of 4.

nickjkl2692d ago

@ just looken

well not for long it just became free for 10 million plus people

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LOGICWINS2692d ago

Yeah, Infamous and Dead Nation were the ones I got. Infamous 1 is still downloading though(my Internets slow).

I tried Wipeout HD Fury on my EU account and like Colin stats in this article...its NOT for everyone.

Schism202692d ago

You could get all of them if you have three accounts lol

NyGiants72692d ago

I did it with two cause I already had Infamous and LBP (like any sane person should lol)

Tripl3seis2692d ago

i downloaded wipeout hd but is not showing in my xmb and i did the steps that u have to do to get it again and in the scea promotion thing it says none remaining help guys plzzz

MoDyDo2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Try downloading it again form your download list in the store

Tripl3seis2692d ago

thanks bro ill try that bubs +

Parapraxis2692d ago

There is also a downloads list in your acct management if you can't find it on the store one (I had to use that)

Neckbear2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

I personally got Wipeout HD and Dead Nation. Already have inFamous and both LBP and Super Stardust don't look like my kind of games.

Honestly, I kind of regret getting Wipeout HD for free. That game deserves my cash; one of the most fun racing games I've played in YEARS.

LOGICWINS2692d ago

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I personally found it to be overwhelming. I feel that they could have at least put a tutorial in the game instead of just throwing you straight into the action.

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