Hunted: The Demon's Forge - Press Start

The mighty Caddoc and the coy E'lara (now both complete with face tattoos) team up to find crystals, hunt treasure and just general destruction. The Press Start series now with 63% more enjoyable commentary.

The Press Start series puts a spin on the mantra "try before your buy" opting instead for "look before you buy". Get a look at the opening 30ish minutes of a medley of games.

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honestpizza2693d ago

I love the Press Starts from this site. They've convinced me to buy two games already.

Eades2693d ago

They're a blast to do and hopefully fun to watch!

rmoar2693d ago

Good video, can't say I'm impressed by the game though.

000000000000000000012693d ago

If you like to play all kinds of RPGs then you will like this game. I just finished it and really liked it, I also missed a lot of stuff. One neat feature is you can go back to any check point and look for stuff you missed!