Has Konami just given more weight to the Metal Gear Solid: Rising developer rumour?

A rumour about Metal Gear Solid: Rising changing developer to Platinum Games has possibly been given more weight due to a recent interview with G4.

Edit: I accidentally deleted this because I was stupid, Sorry! Anyway, I have made the title more fair as well as some other adjustments.

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jc485732746d ago

wow, that's kinda weird. I want a collaboration though. Don't just push your project to some other developer.

MintBerryCrunch2745d ago

im just wondering when this happened...Kojima/Konami have had 2+ years of development since the games announcement and we havent heard much of anything during this time

honestly i dont like what they are doing to the MGS franchise...taking it out of Kojimas hands and now even out of Konami's? to me, this game shouldnt have the MGS tag on it...just call it Rising

DeadlyFire2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

Its still Konami branded. Its not leaving Konami's hands. Just Kojima's maybe. This certainly explains the disappointment of Kojima not long ago.

It is still a rumor so lets give it a little time.

Chinner2746d ago

Also I just want to comment that sometimes thing's like this are kind of flimsy, but MGS:Rising was announced at E310, and by the time Winter has come it will have been 16 monthish since we've seen or heard about this game at all.

It's very suggestive that even if there isn't a change in development, something is up with the development of this game.

femshep2746d ago

kinda doubt it.....but platinum has some pretty good games behind it soi wouldn't be mad if they got it for what ever reason

showtimefolks2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

Platinum Games

is one of the most under-rated studios in the world let me say it again ONE OF THE MOST MAYBE THE MOST UNDER-RATED STUDIO IN THE WORLD.

Viewtiful Joe
madworld(which should come to ps3 with move support and if possible on xbox360 with kinect support)

KOJIMA come on speed this up we need a master piece from you in 2012

NukaCola2746d ago

I want a Viewtiful Joe 3 in HD.

CrescentFang2746d ago

Infinite Space? Or was most of the development done by Nude Maker?

jc485732746d ago

yup, game was developed by Nude Maker.


I'll agree on Viewtiful Joe, but that's about it for "underrated". The other games were good but I don't see anything special with MadWorld, Bayonetta or Vanquish. Good games, above average, 7-8ish if you like numbers. And I don't remember reviews scoring any of those games under that range, just rarelly scoring above.

But I can see why would you see it that way... They aren't bad games by any means and this gen we have seen many worse games labelled as the second coming, hence the feel that Platinum was being ignored while the media praised yearly crap.

I don't think it means Platinum is underrated, coming down to earth 7s and 8s on all of your games is actually a pretty big number, not a undescore at all, most developers don't enjoy such high quality standard.

What we got here is just a flawed critic media... Look at review scores, specially in 2009, and you'll notice how every site was giving out 8.5~9.9 to any half good game, specially sequels and games from big studios. In fact ii looked like the whole 5-9 range was compressed in 1 point, you read the review, think of a 6, and there you go, 8.9... Fanboys were discussing over decimals... Pathetic to say the least. Only recently I have started to see again a trend of scores that reflect the review, not the hype.

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Whitefox7892746d ago

People still seem to not understand that Kojima is in a producing role for this game, he doesn't have any creative control of what goes on with the game. He's more or less a bystander to make sure they don't do anything to ridiculous with the game. Essentially its same role he had with Castlevania: Lords Of Shadows.

rdgneoz32746d ago

Yep, he can make suggestions, but they don't have to use his advice.

Eamon2745d ago

However advice from Kojima is pretty much gold.

They'd be a bit stupid to ignore and I'm sure Kojima could come up with great ideas over the development period as it is part of his MGS franchise.

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