Cheat Code Central (CCC) reviews Ratchet :TOD - 5/5

Another perfect score for this ps3 stellar title has come in . As new reviews come in from various recognized websites Gamespot credibility gradually dwindles with it. This is what the reviewer had to say :-

" In addition to creatively felling foes and halting Tachyon's maniacal plans - and laughing while doing it, Tools of Destruction also offers its fair share of platforming and puzzling. In fact, it's worth mentioning that Insomniac has done a fantastic job of incorporating SIXAXIS motion-control into some of its puzzles, without suffering any of the frustration or tacked-on feel that's plagued so many other PS3 titles. The highlight of this execution is a Marble Madness/Mercury Meltdown-inspired mini-game that's so addictive it could probably hold its own as a stand-alone PlayStation Store download. The pitch-perfect pacing does a great job of doling out these side activities, giving you an occasional breather from the otherwise fast and furious action. And when you're not solving puzzles or blasting baddies on foot, there's plenty of vehicle-based fun to be had; the highlight of which has Ratchet taking to the zero gravity skies in his ship, fighting enemy fleets while dodging asteroids. "

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squallsoft4880d ago

awsome review for an awsome play

shmee4880d ago

I hope they dont commint suicide

whateva4880d ago

How can gamespot give this game a 7.5 and most reviews gave it 9 and better some 10's and 5 stars.

shmee4880d ago

cuz that lone review almost cost 50% of its traffic. It has already lost the top position to IGN after the Resistance review

Ivalice4880d ago

GS are a bounce of xbox fanboys! But how do you know they lost that much?

shmee4880d ago

It is estimated that around 2 m traffic was interchanged

This sole review might have caused them heavy damage .

Padre4880d ago

Wait until the review of EDGE gets posted PStards, that's going to drop really hard the average ratio of the game, want it or not.

By the way, what the hell is Cheat Code Central? LMAO

fenderputty4880d ago (Edited 4880d ago )

then the PS3 fans. You're either a looser or, almighty in disguise. Actually ... either way, that makes you a looser.

AAA biatch. T R I P L E .... A

BTW mathmatician ... averaging and 8 and perfect 10 together gives up a 9 ... lol. You fail all the way around. I'm sure life isn't much different for you. ;)

AllanWakker4880d ago

Heavenly Sword, Everyday Shooter, Folklore, and now R&C...and Uncharted on the way...

Even though the PS2 R&C games were 2-3 million sellers there are lots of people who never played them before. They can be picked up for only 15-20 bucks new at most stores and are well worth the money.

The perfect controls and cameras
The amazing weapons
The tons of skill points and secrets to find
The tons of mini-games that are not part of the main storyline
The replayability the second time through with upgraded weapons
The hilarious R&C universe that Insomniac has created and fleshed out over the past few years

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The story is too old to be commented.