Saturday Night Stream: DiRT 3 & Duke Nukem Forever Demo

TGH Writes: We are proud to present another Saturday Night Stream courtesy again of our very own Chris (DeathsNightmare) who will be streaming DiRT 3 running on Playstation 3 and Duke Nukem Forever Demo also running on Playstation 3. We will be streaming the DiRT Tour Mode and Online Multiplayer mode for DiRT 3.

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jsslifelike2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Man, so NOT interested in Duke Nukem for some reason. Dirt 3, though? I'll have some of that.

Rob9462695d ago

I haven't seen the demo yet so im curious to see what it's like

ShadyDevil2695d ago

Dukes not that bad. Hopefully full game is better in every way, but still. DiRT 3 is boss though :)

ShadyDevil2695d ago

I love DiRT 3. The Duke Demo was pretty decent. I mean its based on E3 build so whatever. :) Check out the stream guys!

DrFUD2695d ago

based on E3 build...
From what year?

ShadyDevil2695d ago

I heard it was based on the 2010 E3 Build that was also at PAX East.

Kon2695d ago

I know i must be the only one who thinks that way, but i somewhat feel that Dirt 3 was a step back from Dirt 2. The career mode in Dirt 2 was much cooler than Dirt 3 career. The only thing that i liked was Gymkhana events, nothing more.

ShadyDevil2695d ago

The online is fun, its what we are playing right now on the stream.