What Does Transfarring Mean for Gaming?

Benjamin Yoder from gamrFeed - "E3 hasn't even started yet, but Konami has already released their pre-E3 video, showing off the latest trailers for their upcoming titles, announcing a handful of HD collections and teasing some new titles. For the most part, there's nothing all that surprising. But Hideo Kojima, head of Kojima Productions, talked at length about a new concept called “Transfarring.” Basically it allows players to transfer save data between home and portable consoles. Players can continue playing the same save file in titles like Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker across both Sony's portable and home consoles. But do gamers really want to bring the home experience into a portable environment, and is the idea ahead of its time?"

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Chaostar2785d ago

One question I have about transfarring is, do I need to buy two copies of a game (one on PS3, one on PSP/NGP) to do it?

VampiricDragon2785d ago

yes at least with these collection titles.

morganfell2785d ago

Maybe it depends on where you live because Japanese interviews with Kojima hint at digital DLC versions for NGP/PSP included with the PS3 purchase.

Chaostar2785d ago

There's always hope, pretty useless feature if you have to buy 2 games IMO.

AnttiApina2785d ago

If only this could work wirelessly, like the Steam cloud saving system: You can play the same game from your account in other computers and have the same savestates from your games.

Chaostar2785d ago

Excellent point and i think it's something they're probably working on right now, after all, it would only take a software update.

DigitalRaptor2785d ago

I'm not sure how it's gonna work with future titles, as that depends on the publisher, but according to the official Konami site, the MGS HD Collection will come with a free download code for Peace Walker for PSP.

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VampiricDragon2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

first of all. This is only for older games so far. And its only for konami

And its not really a good idea because it makes either the ps3 or ngp worthless if its taken too far. You dont need both

Kee2785d ago

What on earth is a transfar?

news4geeks2785d ago

it's when a fission gets mailed.

limewax2785d ago

Seems like cloud saving......?

Nicolee2785d ago

yes good idea behide it but i am not too sure that it would i really need to play same game on both portable and console? but for me my portable game that i like to play it would be different than what i can play on my ps3 anyway mmmm it might work but i have to wait and see .

Miths2785d ago

When you make up new terms, doesn't it make sense to choose something that won't instantly make everyone think it's merely a typo of an existing word?