Eurogamer reviews Virtua Fighter 5: 'absolute triumph in every sense'

Eurogamer gave 9/10 to Virtua Fighter 5 in its review:

"Anybody that tells you Virtua Fighter 5 is anything other than the best 3D fighter on the market is, quite simply, wrong. With its fluid and deeply personal combat and wonderfully varied cast, SEGA's latest brawler is an absolute triumph in every sense. But then you knew that already - we told you such back when the PlayStation 3 version came out earlier in the year. Now, though, it's the turn of 360 owners everywhere to see what we've been raving about for months with this augmented version, finally arriving boasting a plentiful supply of new content while still retaining everything that made the PS3 version such a delight."

"You owe it to yourself to sample how close to perfection SEGA has come with this and you owe it to SEGA to give something back to the people behind this outstanding fighter and boost the already huge VF community."

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