EuroGamer - Face-Off: DiRT 3 (PS3, XBox 360)

EuroGamer - While controversy surrounded attempts to appeal to a mainstream audience with DiRT 2, there's a real sense with the sequel that Codemasters has recaptured the raw essence of car and driver that has felt rather a touch subdued since Colin McRae Rally adopted the DiRT moniker.

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MasterCornholio2746d ago

The PS3 version and 360 one are almost the same with the PC version being vastly superior. I am not surprised at all with the results.

Kon2746d ago

Picked this game yesterday. Amazing game. But the 360 version is sharper and it has better foliage. When you're playing you can hardly spot any difference thought. It's not like you'll be playing both versions side-by-side

LoveSpuds2746d ago

The most important factor is support for decent wheels, and its here that the PS3 leaps ahead IMO. As for PC crowd crowing about having a superior version - I CHOSE to have a console because I know I can play any game thats released without worrying about compatibility and random crashes etc.

I used to be exlusively a PC gamer and its only now and then that I miss a good rig, usually when a good RTS comes along. For the most part, sitting on my nice lazyboy with my 50" screen suits me just fine :)

a_bro2746d ago

Codemasters has been pretty good when it comes to PC gaming. On top of that its unlocked at 60fps.