EuroGamer - The underwhelming nature of Call of Duty Elite

EuroGamer - Activision is a company built around two pillars. The first is World of Warcraft, a product which generates annual billion-dollar revenues from solid, predictable monthly subscriptions. The second is Call of Duty, a franchise whose billion-dollar credentials come from a monolithic boxed product launch just ahead of the holiday season each winter.

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-Alpha2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Remember that not everything is charged for, a lot of the content shown is actually going to be free. Question is, what is this revolutionary thing they say will change online gaming?

I'm excited to see what it is, but I can only imagine what it will be. So long as it doesn't ruin gameplay I don't really mind or care-- and for those making a big deal out of it, let's just hold out until we see more information. I don't think they will be so stupid as to give subscribers gameplay advantages.

Truth be told, there is a lot we don't know yet, so I'm just going to wait

captain-obvious2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

"Remember that not everything is charged for, a lot of the content shown is actually going to be free. Question is, what is this revolutionary thing they say will change online gaming? "

AAHHHHHHHH give me a break man
they are charging for things that other games do for free

like viewing stats and clan support
thats stupid
you know it and i know it its a rip-off

and it should be all free not only "" alot of things ""

com on man you know better

EVO-OM3GA2692d ago

But if your an Average gamer or a Everyday gamer then it wouldnt matter to you would it. Also just because other games offer a similar service doesnt mean it will be the exact same service.

But if your Pro or MLG then it would be something you would invest money into as it would benefit you in some way.

I would rather have it hands on and then decide if I would wanna buy it rather than jump the gun.

-Alpha2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Viewing stats and creating clans are free though. Didn't you know?

NateCole2692d ago

Alpha. Why can't this service be free?. If they made it free it would have help silence the critics including me about COD lack of innovation.

Finally they bring out something worth while and then bam. You got to pay for it.

If they made it free perhaps it would get even more sales but no they have to charge for it. All the sales they got and they can't even do this for free for all the people that bought their games.

-Alpha2692d ago

Again, the majority of the service show is free.

Can't help you guys if you are going to continue ignoring this fact.

What's being charged for isn't even that big of a deal for the majority to care for

Kee2692d ago

It literally is burning your money. You're paying for nothing of any value.


Paying for ADVANCE stats you must be shitin me.

Grimhammer002692d ago

If we all agree that Actibitch is greedy as fuk. Then I can't see how any rational gamer thinks that they won't at some point give advantages to subscribers! It's just plain obvious. At first no...they'll want to side step criticism of unbalancing the game. But as shareholders start complaining that all 40mill buyers arent bet they'll just say fuk it. At that point their fans will be hooked.

Because the reality is.....any sub service for a mp competitive game, will by definition of game require a adavantage for subscribers.

Only way to side step this is create a hordes mode with skynet intelligence....and then convince consumers that fight hordes of AI is better than fighting real people. Lol

Wikkid6662692d ago

The funny thing is that they did this for free with WaW. So I guess that was kind of a beta. Now they feel like milking the CoD fans.