Duke Nukem Forever Demo Hands-On

TitanReviews Writes: The Duke is back and we get a taste. I'll take an unbiased look at the demo that is causing controversy all over the web.

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Chnswdchldrn2694d ago

The demo was a HUGE disappointment. Why the fuck was everything so blurry? is that their method of hiding up their how shitty the game looks? also, its not even fun killing those pig things. gameplay is so lacking, this game is fucking horrible.

Legionaire20052694d ago

Why would they give us the old PAX demo from a year ago? A lot of people buy the Borderlands Game of the Year Edition for this demo. I think it is ridiculous to let people play the demo only on Borderlands, when its an old demo!!!! What The F**k!!! were they thinking? This game has been in development for a decade!!!! Longer than the 5 or 6 years development of Perfect Dark Zero. Heck!!! Longer than Final Fantasy 13!!! It would of been more profitable if they release an up to date demo to everyone that has been waiting for years to play. We deserve better.