Space Pirates and Zombies: Impressions Part II: Becoming Evil

Nightmare Mode expands on their previous SPAZ impressions by delving into the deeper aspects of the game. More notably, however, is the anecdote about how the game allowed the reviewer, Chris, to become a horrible human being not unlike Hitler.

"Then we found the hotel, the space hotel. A giant space station filled with precious and valuable people, innocent and unaffiliated people. We were able to justify the enslavement of my enemies for my ships–they tried to kill me after all–but these people were literally just looking for a place to sleep. An hour earlier in the game we would never have done what we did. The idea was appalling, but we had a space-station that depended on me, and without a crew I would be letting them down. We would be letting that big ass ship win! So we began to abduct anyone that was in a pod going from ship to station or vice versa.."

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