Resident Evil 4 Retro Review - Plasma Station

The Resident Evil series took an incredible turn in both gameplay and story in this 4th installment of the horror survival series that shocked and awed people around the world. The game was a drastic improvement for the series. This game improved on control, graphics, storyline and almost every other aspect. But of course no game is without some minor set backs...

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showtimefolks2690d ago

is there a release date yet. I hope it gets move support that would be fun

Spitfire_Riggz2690d ago

Ahhhh Resident Evil 4. Different, but oh so good

HuGi2690d ago

Love it from start to end.

EmperorDalek2690d ago

Hey Capcom, you use to be able to make good games. What happened? RE and DMC have both been ruined this gen.

beavis4play2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

i couldn't agree more!!!
bubbles for you.

InTheLab2690d ago

Retro? Capcom releases this game every chance they get. Surprised there's no RE4 Move edition.