NG4A: The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings review

NG4A writes: "Team CD Projekt did a fantastic job in the second part of the game to take everything I loved the first part the game and put the second part with the huge improvements and make them not only the game has an epic story filled with Crazy Twist and many of the difficult choices and the consequences of large them and Different endings with each Simple Option Change you made and the difference upgrade of the capacities of Geralt, which will make you re-play them more than once, They have done a special experience just for professional players for the players, the RPG will not unforgettable never throughout your life, Witcher The first was the best game RPG I've played This generation , but with the second it became THE best RPG series I've seen my life and I would not be exaggerating to say it the New King of RPG games."

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Marcus Fenix2694d ago

a friend of mine was going crazy over this game 2 a point where he was about 2 shell out 4000 SR for a gaming PC just 2 play this, then it was announced 4 the 360 and he decided 2 get it 4 that, good review NG4A.

led10902694d ago

hahaha buying a gaming pc is always worth it, but not if hes just buying it for one game.

Catatafish2694d ago

He better like waiting then lol.

Expect this on console somewhere on console in Q2 2012, they have some serious compressions and cutting to do.

PS360PCROCKS2694d ago

I just ordered this as a download from Amazon, I seriously hope it's my kind of game since I can't demo it. I can't DL and try it because they're threatening lawsuits, which I don't really believe but it swayed me enough. Guess we'll see when it's done, I guess either way it's a system benchmark right? lol