Will EVE Online’s Console Shooter be PS3-Exclusive?

DUST 514, the FPS console counterpart to CCP's sci-fi MMO EVE Online, is due for a big announcement at E3 2011 if this countdown clock is any indication. One fan went poking around through the site shortly after it went live and found some interesting things, since removed.

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Lavalamp2691d ago

Really excited for this game! I'm so anxious to see just how deep the interaction between Dust and Eve will be.

Sunhammer2691d ago

Too much to store on DVD's, I guess. What I've seen from it looks insane. A walkthrough of it running on PS3 would drop jaws for sure.

Series_IIa2691d ago

EVE on pc is only 6gb... So stop talking out your arse.

Sunhammer2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

And the whole game needs to be installed as whatever is on the disc is only 6 gigs of data that can only be accessed by a computer. Files upon files that can only be run by the very specific PC OS that it was meant for.

Are you even a PC gamer or do you honestly believe PC games are set up the same way as console games?

Big, big difference. EVE on consoles would be larger than your tiny brain can imagine.

metsgaming2691d ago

well they could just be announced at the Sony conference and still be mulitplat. I mean COD is always at MS but its still multiplat. We will see, it looks like it could be intersting. I hope for once its not an FPS but there is a 90% chance of that.

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Persistantthug2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

I'm interested to see what this Dust 514 will be, because I heard about it approx 2 years ago, and for a while I thought it might be canceled.

It also wouldn't surprise me if it wasn't on the XBOX 360, because if Cross Platform is necessary, especially if the PS3 is involved, then we all know Microsoft isn't too interested in that. That's too bad, because I can imagine the Console wars we could all would be epic.

Edit in.
Maybe this game, along with Valve, along with the upcoming GUILD WARS 2 (There is a current console dev team on this btw), along with perhaps some others like a potential DIABLO 3 cross platform model....Maybe these games and others will provide the needed pressure and spark needed to get all 3 platforms together once and for all.

DeadlyFire2690d ago

They are going with Free to play from what they said about the game a couple years ago. I don't see where they have changed their minds at yet.

Pintheshadows2691d ago

Wow, how did I completely miss this.

Nes_Daze2691d ago

I didn't catch this either, I'm kinda excited about seeing it now.

MidnytRain2691d ago

Lol, notice how this game gets almost no attention on this site until someone hints that it *might* be a PS3 exclusive.

Pintheshadows2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

No i'm excited because I was an avid EVE online player. It is the only MMO I have actually liked.

Your powers of assumption are weak. You must train them, hone them, only then can you embrace them.

SweatyFlorida2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

noooo its because most of us play on consoles, not pc, so we wouldn't know what comes out for it. Heck, most people didn't even know what Crysis was when Crysis 2 was announced for consoles. I bet most people don't know what interstellar marines is just because PC guys NEVER talk about how great their exclusives are.(or a reason to own a PC besides better graphics)

Focker4202691d ago

Its gotten no attention because there hasn't been any talk of it. I completely forgot about the game for months until today. When sites don't update frequently its very easy to forget about them.

MidnytRain2691d ago

That may be the reason YOU are excited for this, but the term "exclusive" ramped this story up by about a hundred degrees.

This was always a console game.

No talk? An article about it was submitted *yesterday* and it only got 4 comments.

Nes_Daze2691d ago

Well I never actually heard of this game, I don't care if it's exclusive, I just think it sounds good, hopefully it is executed well though.

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SoundGamer2691d ago

That will be so crazy if this is a PS3 exclusive. The countdown clock does point exactly to the Sony press conference, so it looks likely.

I have been waiting on this game for a couple of years but we hardly get any news on it. I'm excited. It looks real good and I'm curious about the EVE online integration. Making it a PS3 exclusive makes sense since Sony allows for the cross platform gaming which would be needed for the EVE universe.

Reborn2691d ago

I remember seeing a trailer, or some sort of video on it before.

I think that's it. I can't wait to see what its like now.

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