Kinect Sports Season 2 + Dance Cental 2 domains registered

SystemLink: "Superannuation is back stealing the thunder from under E3, revealing possible announcements before the major press conferences in a few days. This time, two key Microsoft series are set to return to your Kinects."

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mark01922694d ago

Well by that logic, Dance Central 3 and 4 are under construction as well:

blumatt2694d ago

lol That was funny. I just had to hit the button to see what it would do.

Anyway, I think it's safe to say those games will be announced at E3. I just hope MS has some hardcore games to announce for it. I know Forza 4 is getting support and that's a good start.

A7XEric2694d ago

Fuck you Rare.

That is of course unless Microsoft contracted a different developer to work on KS2.

metsgaming2694d ago

how can you blame rare they are owned by Microsoft blame them.

Max_Dissatisfaction2694d ago

Oh RARE :( what have they done to you?

rob60212694d ago

So did they deliberately leave out the ability to have two people dancing at once for a sequel??