New Trailer Shows 2K Still Doesn't "Get" X-Com

Bits 'n' Bytes Gaming's Chad Morelock takes the time to ponder just what 2K is thinking when it comes to the X-Com series. Or perhaps what they’re smoking.

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Chaostar2782d ago

This articles sums up my thoughts exactly, why pee all over a respectable franchise? They might as well have called it "Robot Cowboy Baseball" as the writer puts it.

Somebody post one of those stupid images with "you mad?" plastered on it because, as of the announcement of this game, I am in fact mad. Now excuse me while I go quench my anger with some 'Terror From The Deep'.

Persistantthug2782d ago

It looks like a shooter from 3 or 4 years ago.

Chaostar2782d ago

Here's some gameplay from Xcom: Terror From The Deep, not much to look at these days but it was an incredibly deep gameplay experience.

NYC_Gamer2782d ago

they should have kept the game to its roots instead of this casual approach

Raendom2782d ago

The game looks awesome, really unique. Those XCOM games are too old to really give a crap about anymore.

Chaostar2782d ago

Have you played them?

As the article states the "old" Xcom games are constantly popping up in top 'X' best PC game of all time lists.

They are classics, just like... oh let's say... Street Fighter.

Jocosta2782d ago

I guess that explains why, even though it wasn't multiplayer, me and my best friend would take turns playing a single player game, and planning out tactics for eachother and where to allocate resources for literally 8-10 hours at a time? But since it was 15 years ago I guess that means it sucked, right?

Raendom2782d ago

I have actually. They're unique, the way you upgrade your ship and have random encounters with aliens and have a crew and need to keep it all up to scratch.*

But this is an FPS, it's got the XCOM name but it's more due the success of Bioshock (no similarities with System Shock) it's gone in the FPS direction.

*- Having said that, re-remembering the game... Maybe it would work REALLY well as a reimagining of those old games. Most strategy games on PC nowadays are following a very similar formula and could do with being shook up a bit.

Jocosta2782d ago

Apologies, did not see your second post.

JasonBloodbourne2782d ago

i loved xcom back in the day! wish they were remaking it properly and not into a fps! we have enough of those to fill our boots with!

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