The Elder Scrolls Trilogy Movie Posters

It's no secret that movie adaptations of our favorite video games are generally filled with heaps and mounds of crap that amount to nothing more than a sleep inducing suckfest. We've seen the likes of Postal, House of the Dead, Doom, Bloodrayne and many, many more. Gamers the world over hold on to hope that someday a video game will get a movie adaptation that does it justice on the silver screen. Deviant artist Emmy Has A Gun shows us what could very well be one of the best video game movie adaptations to date... if it were real.

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TheFodi2696d ago

If they came out with this movie, I would see it. However, Elder Scrolls seems like a tough adaptation.

Cwalk8162696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

This and Knights of the Old Republic would make epic movies.

rmoar2696d ago

I just pray to god I never hear, "The Elder Scrolls - Directed by Uwe Boll".

GetoverHere1222696d ago

If they do this it better be done right.

AndrewNino2696d ago

Judging by the multitude of choice the series is known for I feel as though a movie adaptation would have it difficult to live up to the name. I'd see it, but at this point my money is on Ubisoft for gaming movies.

badjournalism2696d ago

The Elder Scrolls series is more than just Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim. She must be one of those gamers who don't count games in a series as part of the series if they came out before they were old enough to even use computers, let alone wipe their own asses.

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