InFAMOUS 2 - Review

A rough gem: this is the best definition for what has been inFAMOUS. An interesting action game who turned all too soon (due to lack of melee attacks) in a sort of third person shooter. A free roaming exploration, where the method was not consistently supported by evidence relevant to the progression of the story as the protagonist. And finally, a production with unparalleled quality art whose appeal was partially obscured by an implementation technique is not certain to be praised. In essence, wanting to summarize in broad terms, this was the picture painted by critics and users to debut in the Next Gen of Sucker Punch Productions, a team in which right-to-Sony Computer enterteinment has always believed.

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Kee2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Watch out guys, some dick called YouCantUnreadIt is sending infamous 2 spoilers as PMs. I just got one, so if you get a private message on n4g any time soon, for the love of christ:


He basically just spoiled a twist in the story and I want to punch the shit out of him, so this is me being a good guy and warning you so it doesn't happen to anyone else.


Nitrowolf22692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Yeah luckily thats just part of the story, already beat the game on evil so its different.

ElDorado2692d ago

He's lying. Believe me.

Kee2692d ago

Thanks, man.
I really had no choice but to believe him, though.
I wasn't gonna go look up real spoilers, obviously lol.

2692d ago
limewax2692d ago

Well luckily his spoiler saved me from buying it, I was expecting more from it to be honest

Nitrowolf22692d ago


There is a lot more to the beast then that. People think he's out to go and destroy the world but thats not the truth.

limewax2692d ago

Ahhh, I guess its not as straight forward as I thought, Good it helps to keep some interest there, I just kind of wanted a big epic battle with 'The Beast'. Hope we got some bigger bosses this time still. Not sure I will day one it but will probably have a thorough play of the demo before judging fully on it as yet. Dont get me wrong, I really liked the first, But was looking forward to this beast as a boss

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ZBlacktt2692d ago

Yep the dick sent me a PM as well... just deleted and blocked.

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