Game reviews need to change calls for an end to numerical game reviews and questions the extremist nature of the games industry.

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Cat4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

lol, at first glance i thought the link said " quot ; which ended up being rather fitting with the article's content. don't get me wrong, having begun R&C:ToD I think the 7.5 is less than the game deserves, but this touchy feely dialogue all games being equal stuff is a little too brave new world.

people can rate games according to their opinions, and we can buy them (or not) according to ours.

Kholinar4875d ago

I agree, this paragraph in particular stands out:

"The problem lies with the extremist nature of the games industry. Console manufactures pit the fans against each other through juvenile PR tactics, and by using closed platforms that encourage gamers to segregate under their banner."

I think this has nothing to do with reviews. It has to do with advertising and fan-boyism. Changing reviews is treating the symptom instead of the disease. As long as fan-boyism exists we'll have irrational arguments about the merits of consoles. Having a videogame monoculture would not change that either. It would just shift from manufacturers to developers.

MikeMichaels4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

But i think the maturity level of game media is way below the normal level of any other. You have people sitting on one side of the fence, taking pot shots at the other about console A or B. This kind of behavior is just childish.

The statement below is very true.

"If video gamers and game reviewers truly wish to be respected among their journalistic peers, they must rise above the checklist mentality set forth by the the video game business. It is in this way that game reviews can push for positive change, and hopefully create a better, brighter future for the industry."

I don't think anyone from IGN, 1up, Gamespot etc could/would be respected amongst their journalistic peers from other industrys. The same cannot be said for the top music, art or film critics.

Time for this business as a whole to grow up.

jay34875d ago

Bear in mind though guys that you can't stop "Fanboyism" as you call it. It isn't "Fanboyism" it's personal preference and yes, people are going to be biased. It's just how it is.

MikeMichaels4875d ago

If you can't put your bias aside, you're no good for the job. An unbias opinion is kinda the whole point of a review.

It's as simple as that.

tplarkin74875d ago

Canada is a liberal, socialist country that resembles our Democrats in the U.S.

They don't like freedom, and they operate on pure feelings or emotions (without faith in God). So, it doesn't surprise me that doesn't like a number associated with reviews. It's too rational.

Kholinar4875d ago

"I don't think anyone from IGN, 1up, Gamespot etc could/would be respected amongst their journalistic peers from other industrys. The same cannot be said for the top music, art or film critics.

Time for this business as a whole to grow up."

Complete agreement here.

I doubt they will though. There's really no need to. They (the bad ones) are playing the crowd fabulously. They love to hear that they started flamewars on n4g, etc. That's fab press.

The videogame news industry will use the language of videogamers, the look of videogamers (with a hot chick thrown in), and the maturity/dogma of videogamers (just as the mainstream press does with their audience). For them to mature, the gamers must mature. The reviewers are a reflection and they polish that reflection to good effect in their pandering.

And to:

"Bear in mind though guys that you can't stop "Fanboyism" as you call it. It isn't "Fanboyism" it's personal preference and yes, people are going to be biased. It's just how it is."

Of course we can't stop it. I wish we could, but it's more than personal preference, it's a sad state.

n4gTurnsU_WickedGay4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

i don't agree. i think the videogame business and the reviewers have grown a lot in the last decade or so. the gamers on the other hand have not. this whole 7.5 thing is a great example. ppl are getting worked up about it, demanding that R&C be re-reviewed or demanding that the reviewer be fired(or worse). get the sand out of your collective vagina, stop acting like whiny little kids and get over yourselves.

some in the media(like g4)seem to encourage the rabid fanboyism but for the most part the gaming media does a good job of being unbiased.

thats uncalled for. there is no reason to bring you political views into a discussion on videogame reviews. just like there is no reason to bring your religious views into politics.

MikeMichaels4875d ago

The sites will always play to the biggest part of their demographic (ie kids) and there's no doubt that spouting all kinds of hate in a podcast is gonna cause controversy and hits.

But it's obvious by the conversation were having right now, that some of us of would like a more "mature" source (and perspective for the matter) for reviews and information and the main sites right now, the IGN's, Gamespots etc are not doing that.

Either way, great debate...bubbles the whole way up for all of you!

jay34875d ago

This is referring to your second post I believe. The one just after mine.

Yes, an unbiased reviewer is what's best for the job, but no one is un-biased. Everyone has a preference. Like I said that's just how it is. No one can change it. In an ideal world...

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TnS4875d ago

"Fans jumped all over the score on sites like and Neogaf, claiming that Gamespot was biased agianst Sony, as if the review was a massive blow for the Playstation 3 console."

shmee4875d ago

no one likes a biased website like GS

On the other hand everyone likes GT,GI and IGN ---cuz they are very unbiased

I think this is the end for GS ---the websites flagging hits would falter to NULL in a few months from now

jjfunaz4875d ago

I don't think that gamespot is a bad site. In fact i regard their reviews are GENERALLY better then IGNs. IGN gives better reviews to games that give them exclusive content, while I haven't played Ratchet and Clank so I can't say if its a 9.7 or a 7.5 i think that generally games are getting higher scores then they deserve. The fact that there have been about 20 9.0+ games this year is too many, at least to me especially this early in a console's life. If you consider Ratchet and CLank at 9.6, and the sequal is better in everyway it doesn't leave much for an improvement.
I am just using RC as an example, but generally speaking I think that reviews should be more harsh with 8.0 being a great score and anything 9+ reserved for true gems.

CrazzyMan4875d ago

65-75 -> average game.
75-85 -> good game.
85-95 -> great game.
95-100 -> masterpiece.

imo. =)

Dukester1014875d ago

I guess people can't review games the way they want anymore. It's your choice if you trust the review, and buy the game solely due to the review.

Why dont you trust in what you believe, and not some dumb review. So what R&C got a 7.5, that's still great... I think people just need to get over it and make up their own mind.

lodossrage4875d ago

That's the first time in a long time where I read a videogame orientated article that had such truth to it

TheHater4875d ago

why do people buy games base on reviews? I don't, and you shouldn't either. If you do, then you will be missing out on some really cool games, that you may find to be really fun.

lodossrage4875d ago

I try to tell people the SAME EXACT thing you just said all the time. But it's as if people WANT to be led around like sheep, being told what to buy and what not to buy.

It's sad really. Since it pretty much underminds intellect by saying someone else has to think for you

Kholinar4875d ago

I do agree with you. Buy what you like.

But asking advice from a friend who has the game would not be sheepish, right? When you do find a good set of reviewers, they can be like friends to ask. You learn which ones have your values and you take biases and weaknesses into account.

I guess the only way I know to find out if a game is good is to rent it if you don't ask someone. I don't want to pay $8 if it's trash, and I don't play enough games for gamefly to be feasible. What do you suggest that someone in my situation do?

g4n4875d ago

people buy games based on reviews because they cost $60.00 and the second you open it, you're stuck with it...

i agree, dont go buy a game JUST because of the reviews. i.e. if you hate all the s-s-shooters out there, dont go by gaylo 3 and think its going to change your mind.

but when a game does get a good review that's in your genere, one would hope its good. My problem iwth R & C is it is not a 7.5 game like the lolbox fans at GS say. but IMO, its not a 9.5 game either... maybe 8.5 but its not "all that"

last time we saw this was recently with gaylo3. most agree the game is no "10" like many site graded. in fact of the 3 gaylos, its the worst...

this crap has to stop, or the games have to stop being $60 lol. why are 360 games $60 any, its still on DVD right? or did they finally make it next game and put games on HD-DVD?

hardcorehippiez4874d ago

if biased game sites are gonna mark down one to make it look bad id question the games that are getting marked up. seems to me the games may not be as good as youre led to believe. ive been duped this way b4 so now
i just rent b4 i buy to make sure . my advice would be for you all to do the same

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