Nintendo, Stop Messing Around and Kick it Old School

There are few things in the gaming world as tried and true as Nintendo's pantheon of characters and franchises. System after system, Nintendo meets our expectations when it comes to delivering a great game in one classic series or another. But there comes a time when, no matter how much we love those time-tested favorites, we need a large dose of originality.

Nintendo needs new IPs, but this isn't "out with the old and in with the new." No one's asking for major changes to be made to any of the Big N's mainstays, because, quite frankly, they are still some of the most beloved cash cows in the industry. It's just that gamers crave more. Nintendo needs to muster up some new heavy-hitters -- titles that can line up with Mario, Zelda, and StarFox, and hold their own. These new franchises need to be more than Pikmin and Animal Crossing.

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italianbreadman2697d ago

Not that I don't love classic Nintendo franchises, but it'd be refreshing to see Nintendo make great original games again.

jukins2697d ago

yea the classic nintendo franchises are what actually keep me away from nintendo systems in recent years. hopefully they can come up with something. I cant even think of any new franchises they tried on the wii.

DA_SHREDDER2697d ago

I dont get what you guys mean by needing original games? We've already pretty much thought of everything the human mind can come up with. I would love to see some old NES games like Blaster Master, Battle of Olympus, Demon's Quest totally redone. I heard a never River City Ransom was coming. Please. I beg you Nintendo. Bring back some of the classics. Lord knows we could use something else than whats been coming out this gen.

Xander-RKoS2697d ago

While Nintendo does publish new IPs like Pandora's Tower and the DS game Glory of Heracles (which no one bought) and probably some other stuff, Nintendo themselves develop games like The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, the Wii titles (Sports, Play, Music, Resort, etc.) and other in house titles like Animal Crossing and Mario Kart. They also have may second-party teams like Intelligent and Retro making games for them.

The point is, Nintendo as a developer is doing more than most other developers who spend time on just one or two franchises and pump one out each year.

Murpho2697d ago

I agree. I do love the classic Nintendo mainstays, but it's time for the company to get some fresh blood in there. They need it.

zero_gamer2697d ago

I would love to see a 3D Earthbound game.

ScubaSteve12697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

not going to happen. dont get your hopes up

AWBrawler2697d ago

never say Never, I thought Kid Icarus was dead, and Earthbound is Nintendo's franchise, so who's to say it won't happen?

DNAbro2696d ago

because the creator of earthbound/mother says he is not making any more of them.

We can't even get a re-release do to copyright issues. >_>

house2697d ago

jet force gemini i remember was one of the funnest games i played on the 64 hopefully Nintendo really do bring it old school with there new console

The Great Melon2697d ago

Jet Force Gemini is probably in my top 5 N64 games. I spent hours with that game only to have my heart broken when the game frozen near the end and lost my save file. I might pull it back out again someday...

nevin12697d ago

The NES and SNES was the only superb Nintendo hardware to me.

N64 had its moments but was average overall. Gamecube sucked and the Wii is not for me.

I wasn't impressed with handhelds.

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