PSP Sales Remain Strong In Japan Despite Impending Vita Boost

PSPgo? Not so much...

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Joni-Ice2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

I dont care what anybody says....I love my PSPgo. For me PSPgo is way more portable than any other PSP including Vita. Still getting Vita day 1.

egidem2782d ago

I hear ya. I just spent like 3 hours last night playing God of War Ghost of Sparta and Disidia Final Fantasy, tons of fun. The PSP clearly remains alive, despite the strong competition currently looming around.

It's funny because the 3DS being brand new, is outselling it in North America, but the opposite is happening in Japan!

dbjj120882782d ago

Japan has always been hot for PSP and now that it's at a price point lower than the 3DS and comparable to the DSi, there's nothing stopping people from snatching them up.

N4g_null2781d ago

No monster hunter no sale in japan.

Close_Second2782d ago

Go owners should have received a bigger apology from Sony since no store meant you could not get any gaming content.

To be honest, the whole welcome back program has been pretty crap. I own or have owned everything being offered so for me Sony has done nothing to apologise for the outage and not protecting my personal details.

Joni-Ice2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

Here's the thing, Sony apologizing for the breach and Sony giving away games as a token for staying with them are two different things. Now because you own every game Sony offers free doesn't mean the apology wasn't authentic. Im the same way when it comes to owning every game but thats the downfall of buying everything day one. We miss out on sales, promotions, free giveaways etc. Thats not Sony fault.

Close_Second2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

Fair enough but does not mean I have to sit here and like it. It's why I sold my Go two weeks ago and why I wont be buying into the NGP. Sony did not support me when I owned a Go so why should I support them.

Knushwood Butt2782d ago

Yeah, said it before, but I lurve mine too.

Furthermore, sales for them are even worse now because they are extremely hard to find. I'm pretty sure they aren't even being manufactured any more. Only a few places have stock left.

miyamoto2781d ago

Dude I just got Little Big Planet & Modnation Racers for me PSP. And that breathes more life to it.

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ftwrthtx2782d ago

There wil always be a market for the original PSP duw to all of the UMD's floating around.

dbjj120882782d ago

I can just see the garage sale prices for PSP games dropping now.

jack_burt0n2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

The psp will still get alot of releases simply because of NGP upscaling and the fact that alot of japanese publishers only can afford to put out psp titles and it already has a 70 million userbase.

So as a publisher in japan, it makes alot of sense to make games for PSP/NGP.

dbjj120882782d ago

This reminds me... wasn't there some plan for PSP games to be usable on Vita?

news4geeks2782d ago

All digital psp games will be compatible with Vita. Don't think the hard copies will work.

beast242tru2782d ago

psp is a realli nice system i had about 5 of them but keep selling it once i finish a game i like npg is what i wished the original psp was and i want it and will never sell it untill mabe a updated one smaller and lighter

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