IGN - Ace Combat Assault Horizon -- Get to the Chopper

IGN - Namco is putting a twist in its long-running Ace Combat series. For the first time, you leave the jets behind and get into an attack chopper for several missions in Ace Combat Assault Horizon.

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metsgaming2745d ago

Why am i like the only one who likes this ? I know its a niche market but its not that small !!! The new trailer is awesome.

Philaroni2745d ago

Naw I been playing this since it was called Air Combat on the PS1, I been waiting for a new AC game for years, they are doing some sick things with this game and it has me even more excited then Uncharted 3. About time we get a good flying game again. HAWX just did not cut it.

krazykombatant2745d ago

I'm sooooooo excited for this game trailer was great, as soon as i heard the good ol' Ace Combat music, i felt pumped up!

Gonna go play Ace Combat 6 now. Hopefully the new one will make you feel as much of a badass as Garuda 1.