Kojima's Special E3 English Site Now Live

Despite not being at E3 2011, Hideo Kojima's special E3 site is now live in both Japanese and English.

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ZBlacktt2695d ago

Went to the site and watched the whole video. Cool stuff indeed. I noticed they use Sony TV's and phat PS3's, lol.

Aside from the cool HD MGS games now. I think the world just wants to hear about if there's going to be a MGS5.

ZBlacktt2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Also, if he is going through the trouble of HD all his PS2 games and adding trophies. Where the hell is MGS4 trophies???? That should be just a simple patch. Meanwhile he said in the video that they are redoing everything to make PS2 games HD now. Like a total rebuild.

gaffyh2695d ago

Yeah, but they'll make more money off MGS collections, they won't make much money from adding trophies to an existing game. It's like a pointless errand.