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It’s time to return to the world of Infamous where you play as Cole MacGrath. Sucker Punch makes there return with the sequel to one of the best sandbox titles made exclusively for the Playstation 3. I was very excited for the sequel and started thinking if it was going to be better or not. But after finally playing it, it was better then the original and that is saying a lot. It was hard to choose which the better game was, but they really improved everything that made the original succeed and showed that they could make an amazing sequel. Are you ready to bring back the electricity to the fight? It’s time to enter a new city and continue your path as either a hero or infamous. Before entering the world of Infamous 2, I advise you if you haven’t already to go play the first one so when you play the second the story makes complete sense. As you start the sequel you soon go after the prophesized Beast. But Cole gets his ass handed to him and he now wants to become more powerful then the Beast so he starts his next journey in New Marais where he can obtain the strength he needs. The story is unbelievably deep and really drives it the whole way through the game. Zeke makes his return, who is Cole’s best friend. The gameplay for this game is just fantastic; Sucker Punch really knows how to deliver such a very well put together game...

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clank5432697d ago

Wow! Awesome. Can't wait to play it this tuesday. With reviews ranging from 7's to mid 9s most of them being between 8-9, this game looks to be fantastic!

Baba19062697d ago

the demo was really fun played several times now. its impossible for me not to buy this game after having played the first one =D.

miyamoto2696d ago

The demo has proven Gamespot very very wrong and biased about the game play mechanics. The controls are very smooth and tightly fast and accurate.

This game will really make you feel like a super hero!

Scrooge McDuck2697d ago

I just played the demo played it for 10 minutes and cut it off i know its a must buy. Evil all the way.

Joni-Ice2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

Good all the way....LOL...But thats the beauty we can choose.

DaTruth2697d ago

Good all the way... then evil all the way!

The demo was fantastic! Graphically, you would never know it was an open-world sandbox!

Baba19062697d ago

same here playing both sides for sure. did the same with infamous 1 . =D

You Noob2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

only triple A game from the nuclear power ot TEH CELL

redDevil872697d ago

Your username describes you perfectly

MasterCornholio2697d ago

haters gotta hate because they cant play this game on their console of choice.

AnonUser55552697d ago

Who knew people with 3rd grade reading levels could write for videogame sites?

despair2697d ago

I think you're giving them too much credit "their".

CernaML2697d ago

Someone doesn't know that the word "than" exists.

DaTruth2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

I think you're giving videogame sites too much credit! Almost all of these sites seem like their articles are written by 8 year olds; be it their English skills or their fanboyism!

Miiikeyyy2697d ago

9.5 sounds about right, played the demo yesterday and man, it was freaking awesome!

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