Why LA Noire's Success Means Awful Games in the Future

VGW: While L.A. Noire certainly deserved all of the success it received, I’m very fearful about what type of games we could see in the future trying to capitalize upon that success. L.A. Noire is a game that took six years to develop. Six years of research, development, casting, rehearsal, recording, and putting the pieces together. With this game suddenly creating a market for interrogation-based gameplay, it’s certainly not out of the question that we may see several developers rush to attempt to cash in on L.A. Noire‘s success.

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NYC_Gamer2746d ago

i hope the success of this game encourage studios to be more creative

DaTruth2746d ago

I see what he's saying though; without the six years, they will surely "F" it up when they rush it out in 1-2 years!

DarkTower8052746d ago

Not so true DaTruth. Once the building blocks for new tech are in place it becomes easier and easier down the road. Great games can be made in 2-3 years, but I think that's the minimum.

BeOneWithTheGun2746d ago

I loved the facial animation thing but I thought the rest of the game was such a bore. Now, if they took the facial animation thing and put it in, oh, say Skyrim. THEN it would be great.

I'm not being a dick but man the game really was a snorefest. Good voice acting and all but the side missions were, what, 45 seconds long? The city was beautiful but all cardboard! You couldn't go in 98% of the stores and houses.

I don't know. I like innovative games and really loved Heavy Rain. It was fresh animations PLUS great game play and immersion and choices meant something.

snipes1012745d ago


There was gameplay in Heavy Rain? What was I missing when I was playing all those QTE's? Don't get me wrong I loved teh story, but I don't think there was much in there in terms of game play.

BLAKHOODe2746d ago

I guess that depends on your definition of creative. LA Noire is as repetitive as hell. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the game.. to a degree, but the fun factor dropped drastically as I did the samething case after case. Look for clues, talk to witnesses/suspects, drive to another destination, inwhich case I was usually interrupted in doing so by a street crime popping up requiring me to drive in the opposite direction I was already heading - shoot whoever at the street crime, then return to heading back to where I was heading before HOPING another street crime didn't pop up. That's the jist of the game. Sure, it was innovative with the facial features, but it wasn't crazy creative in any other aspects.

nix2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

thank god. i feared this exact thing would happen and thus didn't buy the game.

well at least i learnt something from GTAIV.

snipes1012745d ago

Well, what the hell else did detectives in the fifties do? You basically outlined their job description. I think you more or less were looking for more variety in the ways you did those things.

About the street crimes: you know you didn't have to do those right? I think I'd done like, 5 when the story was done.

xtremexx2746d ago

Hopefully developers will try and out do this, maybe they will take it a step further and instead of recording the face maybe the whole body for more realistic movements

mindedone2746d ago

This picture says it all. You have to wonder if everyone having a collar or some necklace was an artistic choice or a design one. Everyone looked like they had their heads surgically removed at the neck and placed on robotic bodies.

The neck movements did not match the movements of the shoulder and body, and in cases like above, sometimes they weren't even the right proportion.


Yeah but imagine if the 'right' company used the technology of LA Noire. Think of an RPG like Fallout or Mass Effect, where you could befriend someone and they might betray you later on so you would have to watch out for signs of lying when talking to them.

BIGBOSS082746d ago

that would be AMAZING! why does it have to mean awful games. other developers can now use this technology and outdo la noire and make better games.

outwar60102746d ago

that would be awesome or if you befriend someone and they're reliable or if you build up enemies by being a jerk

Pintheshadows2746d ago

Your awesome idea could have endless possibilities. Unfortunately I can only offer one bubble vote.

RankFTW2746d ago

Or even going one step further they could release a peripheral with the game that you strap to your face and then your emotions get shown in games. Imagine playing an FPS and seeing the look on someones face when you gank them haha. Ofc this will never happen but it's worth a laugh.

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Tony P2746d ago

I like how the title was changed to make the article sound more controversial. Classy. /s

Redlogic2746d ago

Let's hope that if a developer does decides to go down the road that LA Noire did, they do it responsibly and not just for profit. It's a delicate process and if it's not treated as such then yes we could see some awful games based loosely on the LA Noire tech. Now, use responsibly, the possibilities really could be endless...i'd love to see this tech in sports games. They would really be able to express the emotion behind winning and losing...rpg's would be amazing with this tech as well (just like Cybersnake said)...I guess we will see what the future holds.

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