Brand New SSX Gameplay Clip

A Brand New SSX Gameplay Clip Has Been Released

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versusALL2692d ago

wow, this really looks pretty cool, I was worried at when I saw the first trailer, but this totally changes everything. This looks fun as hell!

Warprincess1162692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Its ok but i rather have the unrealistic SSX i fell in love with. They should of built beyond what SSX 3 started. It would of been fun if me and other friends can just ride around the mountain for fun. Keep the original SSX cast and Add a "create a character" option and add Some fun game-modes and it would of been a hit.

hiredhelp2692d ago

This is cool i preferd over the top ssx tricky. But if u watch closly i think they added a touch of that. Just wish it was ssx tricky.

Chitown712912692d ago

SSX Tricky and Devil May Cry 3 were like my fav games on the PS2 , and this game looks fun as hell!!!! I can already see myself playing this for years ! lol

jack_burt0n2692d ago

If they listened to the fans about the first trailer being too serious, they will listen about this stuff I like the trailer except for the terrain deformation its too disorientating.

hennessey862692d ago

was the first game my mum actually played more than me lol

SIX2692d ago

Yes!!! Now that is the SSX I know and love!

FunAndGun2691d ago


Where is the thumping music tracks?

Where are the trick areas?, it was just slopes and jumps.

Where is the light hearted FUN???

Does it sound like the boarder OR the STUPID helicopter pilot are having FUN???

Just some dude doing flippys over white hills. No, mood, no excitement, no energy.

Sorry, this is NOT SSX.

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Nightfallen2692d ago

Everything was looking great, just really dislike the shockwave effect that alters the terrain, it's a bit too much. Not excited about that..

omi25p2692d ago

at first i thought it was an avalanche.

xtremexx2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

but thats one of the main features, it changed the area in front of you

Focker4202692d ago

Ya, I'm not a huge fan of that either. It seems like it would get really annoying. You might be trying for a certain line and then the terrain completely ruins your setup. Hopefully theres a mode that removes that.

Nightfallen2692d ago

I'm not fond of the abrupt pauses each time you have a hard landing. Kinda ruins the flow of this game.

xtremexx2692d ago

i think it only happens when you do something special as it doesnt happen all the time

Kakasquall2692d ago

I'm so glad to see SSX back in action.

ForROME2692d ago

blah looks like it did on PS2 long ago, I dont see how this is really an improvement other than an upgrade in graphics which isnt that great imo

kza2692d ago

This looks like it will be worth the wait, love the SSX series.

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The story is too old to be commented.