Third-parties making big Project Cafe announcements on Tuesday

GameTrailers editor in chief claims that third-parties will be making some big announcements for Nintendo's next console on Tuesday.

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NYC_Gamer2697d ago

that is all cool but this console also needs to have some type of real online service

pepsilover_20072696d ago

wii did it was the classic controller nintendo wasn't smart enough to bundle it though IMO

ChickeyCantor2696d ago

And real graphics
And real people
And real physics
And real pokemons
And real princesses
And real plumbers
And real Stars
And real theft
And real hookers
And real pikmin
And real STFU.

Mini Mario2696d ago


They will ALWAYS complain about something. lol

Also to some of the comments above, the wii supported both classic controls and gamecube which most games utilized.

So seriously get some facts right.

Shok2697d ago

Nintendo's conference is going to be their best yet. Four systems, with a bunch of game announcements for each one. It can't get better than that.

theonlylolking2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

From third part publishers

Call of duty Modern Warfare 3
Assassins creed Revelations
Battlefield 3
Madden NFL

They can come out later for the new nintendo console. That is how it was for the PS3 when it came out after the xbox 360.

fluffydelusions2697d ago

All claims say 2nd half of 2012 will be the release while all those games come out this year.

life doomer2697d ago

shane said this in the last episode of invisible walls.

iamnsuperman2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

I assume this was taken from invisible walls. It was also mentioned that big promises were made at the Wii launch and the banner of how many third party developers were going to develop for the Wii and ended up making games like sponge bob square pants (exception being red steel). This has been blown out of proportion. Watch invisible walls. He says he has heard rumours about big third party announcements. Rumours not some inside knowledge.

Valk2697d ago

FYI Redsteel was crap. Game wasnt finshed. Enemies would just stop dead and stand there while you walked by. If you are going to bbring up good 3rd party support for Wii RedSteel is a very bad example

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The story is too old to be commented.