Konami says expect something BIG this winter for Metal Gear Solid Rising

Konami president teases MGS fans with some news about MGS Rising

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Wizziokid2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

"The reason we do not give information about Rising right now is because we are doing something great and it will come this winter,” replied Shinji Hirano. So please, do you expect to have Rising news about this winter

I'm still pretty excited for this. bring on winter, lets see what they got!

Vegivo2692d ago

Cant wait to see how much the game has improved since the last we seen it :)

SuperLupe2692d ago

Yep, the E3 trailer looked freaking slick.

vsr2692d ago

Definitely one of the following :-
1. NGP Launch Game
2. Returns to PS3 exclusivity or Exclusive content
3. Move Support ( Already announced 3D PS3 version)

Black-Helghast2692d ago

Multiplayer? Maybe? I really don't care, I'll be too busy playing the HD collection's over and over. 8) (I'm a hugee snake fan)

Pacman3212692d ago

Im guessing Snake is going to be involved....

LOGICWINS2692d ago

"Konami says expect something BIG this winter for Metal Gear Solid Rising"

Motion control support

fluffydelusions2692d ago

Probably. Would work well with move.

Stewie2k82692d ago

if so then i think i need to buy move... (thats if the move support is good)

Ace_Pheonix2692d ago

...or maybe something BIG Boss? *SPOILERS* This takes place before MGS4, but he's still locked up wherever it is that Zero was keeping him, and I'm not sure if that was in a conscious state or not. 'eh, probably not, but the man does love Jack.

Deadman_Senji2692d ago

Perhaps a solid release date? Winter 2011 isn't unreasonable you know.

fluffydelusions2692d ago

Vague release dates are a pretty common thing. Most publishers simply say Q1, Q2 etc.

SuperLupe2692d ago

They already said 2012 months ago.

WayneKerr2692d ago

Lol Move, Move isn't big.

Coheno2692d ago

TGS confirmed then! Wonder if its true that Platinum Games is working on it?!

SuperLupe2692d ago

Fake rumor.

Kojima Productions full throttle on Rising.

Coheno2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Well I've seen that! Of course Kojima is on it in a big way, didn't say that had given everything to another studio, but also doesn't mean they aren't outsourcing some of it/collaborating with another studio.

I mean Kojima has a lot of stuff going on with Snake Eater 3DS, Unreleased project, Transfarring, New Game Engine and the 1 year down the drain tweet he made must also have been a game in some form or another. And Rising beyond all that?! Which they haven't showed AT ALL since last E3!

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The story is too old to be commented.