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A very indepth FIFA 12 Gameplay Impressions article which has a different outlook on the way FIFA 12 is a shaping up compared to all of the other gaming media previews.

An honest and frank account from the recent UK playtests.

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Yi-Long2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

concerning the referee-AI and it's trouble with the impact-engine... although ofcourse it's still early in development, likethe article mentions.

I just hope all this ambition won't ruin the game...especially considering I (and many others) was already VERY satisfied with the gameplay of FIFA World Cup 2010, and FIFA 11, and they should have just improved some little stuff like the menus and the replays and such...

TheBreezyBB2789d ago

"It’s one small, but beautifully formed step for FIFA 12, but sadly no giant leap for the revolution we desired."

This is what i was fearing!! Nothing big has changed so far and i doubt they can do anything in the 3-4 months period that hey have left.

heroicjanitor2789d ago

They never fix the fundamental issues. I will still be moaning about the same shit I was moaning about in Fifa 11,10,09, and 08. The new features are always nice but fix some of the broken stuff please, and PLEASE add a second teamsheet in manager mode so I can swap to my reserve team easily instead of swapping everyone every time...

HOSe2789d ago

this is a great fucking article

RedDevils2789d ago

Here A good advice for anyone who are buying Fifa or Pes, make sure you buy like every 2 years or maybe 3

ShinFuYux2789d ago

My last fifa game was fifa2011 on my itouch. So, I hope there's a big difference between this and FIFA12 for my ps3.

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