Predicting Sony's E3 2011 Press Conference One Bullet Point At A Time

PushSquare's "Twiggy" predicts and justifies the entire flow of Sony's E3 2011 press conference, including sensible predictions of game demonstrations and announcements.

Excerpt: "I’ve had a difficult time predicting Sony’s E3 event this year. I genuinely think they have something that’s going to shock us all. Thing is, I’ve no idea what it possibly could be. The nature in which Sony has revealed much of its press conference ahead of E3 leaves me thinking the company has something bigger. The platform holder’s already revealed Starhawk and the entirety of the NGP’s launch line-up over the past month or so; both of which are big enough reveals to command a decent portion of any other E3 press conference. Admittedly Sony’s been transitioning away from making all of its E3 announcements during the noise of the event for some years. But this year it feels like Sony’s making room for bigger stories, rather than avoiding the show’s barrage of content."

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sinncross2695d ago

I honestly agree with everything on that list except that I think the GOW4 reveal will be a teaser while Santa Monica shows off Heartland:

Also this list has one glaring ommission: PS SUITE.

There is no doubt in my mind that PS Suite will play a role somewhere in the conference. I expect launch for soon June, titles being added (like Dead Space mobile) and that PS Suite will be for PS3 if the user has a move controller (not sure how else they would translate the touchscreen controls of the Ps Suite exclusive titles and this could help move adoption for them)

WooHooAlex2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

I was thinking of a good way to kick off the show.

Opens with a montage, starts with Kevin Butler sporting a massive beard, looking all depressed and sad. He gets a text from Jack Tretton the text reads "ITS UP!", his eyes light up and the music kicks in. The camera cuts to him shaving off his beard, maybe hes stretching, working out. Kind of like a Rocky parody. The camera cuts to him again where he is picking up a PS3 controller, in slow-motion, he presses the PS button and that kicks off an epic montage of all the big PS3 games they're showing.

After that, Jack Tretton takes the stage, apologizes for the PSN outage and says something like "But that's in the past, today is about the future." Then invites the guys from Naughty Dog to take the stage for their Uncharted 3 demo.

That would be a perfect way to kick off the show IMO.

Oldman1002694d ago

LOL someone by the name of SylvanMidget tried to take all the glory of your comment by ripping it word for word and making a thread about it on gametrailers. Unless SylvanMidget is you...


Kee2694d ago

I actually think there will be a PS4 announcement this year. Maybe not at E3, but this year, anyway. It may come out 2012 or 2013. Just speculation of course, but I think a reasonable price would be between 300 and 350 pound.

As for the PS Vita (Yes, I am calling it that), I actually do see a shock announcement of a FFVII remake on the cards. Which is a shame, because portable gaming doesn't really appeal to me.

I could also see them doing a big heartfelt apology for the downtime and security breach. Which I think is actually unnecessary.

Some new IPs would be nice as well. I really have no idea what they'll release next year.

cyclonus0072694d ago

With the remaster series, Sony could put out a FF remake on the handheld and ps3.

Kee2694d ago

Ahh, true, but do you mean the handheld-PS3 remaster series or the PS3-handheld remaster series?

For the former, that's a PSP thing, not for PSV.

And for the latter, The game would have to be on ps3 first to do that. Which, if they did do it, would be pointless because the whole point in doing the remake for PSV would be to sell systems. They ain't gonna get any system sales from it if the same game is already available on the system they already have.

cyclonus0072694d ago

It could be a downloadable title which could be available on all platforms. Maybe add an online party system so you could play with people across PS3 and PSV. Who knows? A remake would sell because people have been begging for this game for the longest. And if it's also playable on a new platform with new features, even better.

forevercloud30002693d ago

very interested in hearing about this SciFi RPG by DONTNOD. I somehow completely missed this. An RPG series is the one thing missing from Sony's First Party Repertoire. Yea, they have a few JRPGs in their owned IPs catalog but nothing with a huge budget.