DARKSIDERS II Extended Trailer

Here is the extended version of DARKSIDERS II Trailer.

It has about 20 seconds more at the end of the video :

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jetlian2692d ago

good but i'm getting tired of these series of games. Give me a single game please!

dachiefsman2692d ago

It's called a budget and most new IPs have to work within the constructs of it.

MidnytRain2692d ago

Then just play the first one and ignore the rest. Seems kind of stupid though.

jetlian2692d ago

all the trilogies... atleast make it seem like we get an ending! So are we gonna play a new horseman every game?

Games now always leave you hanging

Deadman_Senji2692d ago

...I don't even have words.

DragonKnight2692d ago

How is this "extended?" I already saw this exact trailer on N4G days ago. It was identical in every way. *Sigh* This approval system is so broken.

On topic: I WANT THIS GAME NOW!!!!

SilentNegotiator2692d ago

LOL, reminds me of Ben Yahtzee's comments in his review of the first;
"Death would be too easy, famine would take too long, and what's Pestilence going to do? Cough on people??"

I thought the rumor was 4-player co-op. But what WOULD Pestilence and famine do?

DragonKnight2692d ago

They changed those two. They are now Fury and Strife. One wields a gun, and one I believe wields a flaming whip.

But I LOVED that review. Lol.