Dead Island: Gameplay Footage Breakdown (Gaming Irresponsibly)

With Dead Islands release just months away so far the details about the game have been relatively scarce until now. Recently a video has surfaced online showing eleven minutes of gameplay and not just a straight segment either the video itself jumps around showing us everything from communication, to fighting and even how to get around on the island. Also as an added bonus it’s narrated by Vincent Kummer, brand manager at Deep Silver.

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m232690d ago

The first trailer for the game really blew me away, but when I saw the actual gameplay I was immediately turned off.

MassOnesumis2690d ago

I'm going to call this a light switch game.I was turned on by the trailer, then turned right off by the gameplay.

CanadianTurtle2690d ago

People will suck dick for zombie games.

Damn it seems like everything these days has to rely on zombies to be fun. How about be creative for once? How about aliens? They have much better weapons and tech= different gameplay, and different forms= won't be boring old design over and over again, etc.

Kakihara2690d ago

I would agree with you but please let's just wait until they do zombies right one single time before we move on. There are hundreds of 'zombie' games out there but none for real zombie nerds like myself who grew up on early George Romero films.

Not that I'm saying this game will do the zombie thing correctly. Quite the opposite, I'll probably still get it though provided there's an option to turn off all the HUD clutter and the stupid XP indicators that fly out of the zombie's heads when you hit them.