Call of Duty 4 Video Preview (Play:Digital)

Katharine Fletcher of checks out the pre-release single-player demo of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and sees how it translates to the modern day.

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Nubzilla 3G4875d ago

Whoever is playing that demo is an idiot. Anyway! Can't wait!

Baba19064875d ago

lol stop shooting at smoke . hiihihih

markfield4875d ago

come on luv - screw the politics and review the bleedin' game please. ta very much.

sak5004875d ago

looks nice too bad single player is quite short but MP will rock. Can't wait to get it

thatdude4875d ago

do they only review 360 & DS games at that site?

Violater4875d ago

made my pants get tight.

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