PSN’s “Welcome Back” Program – Get Over 20 Games For Free

There are certain things in life that are free, from the people we keep closest to our hearts to a walk on a beautiful public, sandy beach. But there are things that we know can’t come unless moneys are involved, and quite honestly, that’s almost everything. Even certain privileges that one should never have to pay for comes with a price these days, and the more we venture into the future, the more we realize the absolute importance of money.

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iamnsuperman2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

I am a PSN+ subscriber and I have been since it came out and it isn't really 20 free games. More like you are renting to access the content. As long as you pay you get monthly updates of free stuff and discounts. Great service but the title is a little misleading

MastaMold2790d ago

No duh! Of course you get more free games being a PS Plus member, where has this web site been you did not know

M4I0N32790d ago

dude, you need to chew on a chill pill from time to time :)

SpaceSquirrel2790d ago

I hope the store will stop giving me errors so I could download them

movements2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

See but that's great! You not only get the games Sony promised, but also all the benefits of PS Plus, which includes.....Free Games!

Edit: @Space: Yeah - too many people downloading at the same time. That's the problem....

Hitman07692790d ago

Looks like this package was better than I thought!

Deadman_Senji2790d ago

Is the error fixed yet? I hate having to refresh a page 10 times just to see the results.

Soldierone2790d ago

No but it doesn't take as much effort right now. A majority of people are not awake yet, or not on PS3 just yet. So id give it a shot.

You will have to click retry two or three times, but it wont lock up and continue to give errors more than that. I got my last game within 2 or 3 tries.

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