All 74 Guitar Hero 3 songs revealed with videos

Early leaks have revealed the complete 74 numbers set list in Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock. Developer Neversoft had hoped to keep the last remaining 14 songs a secret until the American launch of the game on October 28th for PS2, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii.

Some Bonus Tracks include: Ruby by Kaiser Chiefs, She Bangs the Drums by The Stone Roses, Take This Life by In Flames, The Way It Ends by Prototype, Through the Fire and Flames by DragonForce. Here's the video for the latter.

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titntin4875d ago


Stop it. I wanna get off now..... :)

I hope theres some slower numbers. My head hurts :)

FreeMonk4875d ago

Compared to the original GH and GH2 this is one weak list.

The game has been branded with the subtitle 'Legends of Rock', yet many legends of rock have been missed of the list.

Then you have bands in the game with just average tracks instead of the classic and more wanted tracks (Iron Maiden's - Number of the Beast? I'd rather have Fear of the Dark or Children of the Damned!)

Shame, but I'll still probably buy it. Let's hope for some decent DLC at a resonable price!

Umbrella Corp4875d ago

1.That song was sweet
2.Who ever played that must have like 8 eyes and 40 fingers

davidadrake4875d ago

Still no Stairway... DLC!

Ignorant Fanboy4875d ago

so I doubt they are ever gonna go to GH, they are stingy when it comes to their music.

Would be cool, though I can play almost the whole song anyways, its the last solo thats so hard to memorize.

Darkiewonder4875d ago

I saw this in I THINK it was PLAY Magazine. it had the full list of songs.

RelloC4875d ago

there should be a seizure warning on that video.

Official Admiral4875d ago

This game will suck because it is being released on the MicroSh$t 360 and the Gaystation 3!

Laexerias4875d ago

Yeah and it sucked before because it was released for PS2 and XBOX360.. Buhuhu, and i say, on the WII version will only be Easy Normal and Hard songs cause the Hardware is to low to play the Expert Songs. B/...

now stfu with ur nonsense its just lame dude. B[[[[

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The story is too old to be commented.