Additional PSN Plus Freebies

Hopefully by now all PS3 owners have jumped on to the fixed PSN to download their two freebies. But as I’m sure you are aware, in addition to the two free games there is a free 30 day subscription to Playstation Plus to be taken advantage of. While any ‘free’ games you download through this service can only be played while you are signed up to Playstation Plus, that is 30 days (more than enough) to get your fill of a couple of different titles, maybe rack up some more trophies, before you fully get into your two selected Welcome Back Package free games.

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gta28002786d ago

I had a Europe account and I downloaded Burnout but it seems it wont let me connect online. Maybe due to region. Just wanted those online trophies lol. Anyone know if I buy the North American version if I will be able to use the same game save?

itsralf2786d ago

Doubt it. I couldn't use my old disc save with the digital copy from the PS Store.

RedDevils2786d ago

weird I download all the free games including infamous, Little big planet, Dead nation, and with free psn+ 30 days all in one account lmao, I thought it couldn't be possible :p

AllroundGamer2786d ago

can anyone tell me if i will lose a free DLC for a game too after the PSN Plus expires? thx

Lirky2786d ago

you lose free dlc after ps+ expires, however if u paid for discounted dlc and discounted games u keep those forever.

Soldierone2786d ago

Kinda lame the stuff I want to buy (Socom and Killzone DLC) is FREE. They should discount it so I can just buy it lol

Kleptic2786d ago

I have that killzone 3 DLC free from that shick promotion, but haven't actually activated it yet..need to do that, it expires next week I think....

the dude is right about burnout paradise...great game, but i already platinum'd it and still own it...i'm going to wait until the 16th to activate the PSN plus thing after I see whats available next...

M-Easy2786d ago

You DO keep all DLC, Themes and Avatars you get. Some people have poor reading comprehension.

From FAQ:
Each month there will be dynamic themes, premium avatars and premium game elements/add-ons for you to download and many will be exclusive to PlayStation Plus members only. These are yours to keep forever once you have downloaded them.

Ravenor2786d ago

Escalation would have been a better choice for MAG, no one really likes Interdiction.

schlanz2786d ago

For anyone who purchased their PS3 in the last year, now would be the perfect time to get the extended warranty which is discounted to $45 (iirc) for PS+ members. That's two extra years of peace of mind for your console. If I was eligible I'd be all over that.

Kleptic2786d ago

do you know if it applies to replacement PS3's you receive from Sony?...

I traded in my bricked 60gb for a 120gb slim in february...and it only had a 90 day warranty...

Phaqutomb2785d ago

i can't see why it would not as long as you pay for it they should honor it.

Kee2786d ago

I'm already a plus member so I downloaded that magic the gathering game and it's actually quite good.

Having never played the card game it's based on, I found it a good introduction to it. I've already played the campaign mode for around 5 hours.

grailly2786d ago

the game's ok, I guess, but it gets really slow as you start up with basic decks with way to much land cards. the games can easily slip into a "wait 10 turn until I get the right card" game. otherwise, I read that there only were 250 cards, which seems really low, any info on that?

Kee2786d ago

It would sound about right... There are expansion packs, but I don't think I'll buy any of them.

Myst2786d ago

Yeah if you have never played the card game it's pretty good starter, but if you've played the card game it annoys those who have to no end lol. All it would need is a proper deck construction (being able to take out everything and make one from scratch)

Myst2786d ago

That store sure is taking a beating. So far I'm really liking Comet Crash and hopefully tonight I can watch those movies I downloaded.

FunAndGun2786d ago

Thats what I love about Plus, you get to try a lot of decent games you normally wouldn't Coment Crash.

Mushroom Wars is another game that I got from Plus that I was mildly addicted to for a little bit.

Myst2786d ago

I'll have to look into that game to. Re-living my younger years now by playing Sonic 2.