Duke Nukem Forever: Secret Demo Footage Unveiled

Secret footage from the Duke Nukem Forever demo. Screenshots and infos inside the news!

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FragMnTagM2695d ago

That is some funny stuff, too bad no explanation of how to do it.

RyuDrinksTheDew2695d ago

they actually do explain it, its for the PC version only.

"According to a YouTube user who uploaded the said video on his channel, you will have to activate the whole thing at the beginning of the demo in the so-called "Noclip Mode issued, the type of slow the letter" DNCLIP "into action. Thereafter, one should keep watch on the floor and "W" key."

google translate typos, but its straight forwards enough.

someome should try it!!

FragMnTagM2695d ago

yeah, I saw it, but it was to late to update my comment. Thanks for the info though I already got it. +bub man.

Tsar4ever012695d ago

I bet, Just how judging how fast the cam pans left/right/up & down and how sharp the graphics seem to look, I gonna assume we're looking at the PC version of this demo.

DrFUD2695d ago

The PS3 demo was super sharp with the graphics
no screen tear either

Serjikal_Strike2695d ago

played the demo on ps3...nothing "sharp" on that game at all....
that PC version doesnt look much better

Thecraft19892695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

this is the video ON how to do it.

Kyle12122695d ago

Well if you have to run 4-6 minutes in noclip. that can't be the real way to get there.

There is probably a secret way in somewhere in the first level. People should be trying to find that. =D