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GamerZona writes : "Following the footsteps of its predecessor, the title of Sucker Punch achieved outstanding levels, working out the details that reduced the first delivery and adding a large number of attractions."

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MinusTheBear2697d ago

It seems that European sites are loving this game.

miyamoto2696d ago

its definitely a step up from inFamous 1.

Here you can be Spiderman, Ironman, The Incredible Hulk, Electro, Sonic and The Transporter at the same time.

kza2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

Whats with every new games these days getting very mixed reviews, just shows us even more not to trust reviewers.

LOGICWINS2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

No, reviews IMO are still generally long as you understand that they don't all need to be positive to be trustworthy. I see a lot of people on this site who automatically call a review "unfair" because it didn't get the score they were expecting. Thats a very skewed, biased, an immature way to judge the worth of a review.

1. Its an opinion

2. Why are u criticizing the review of a game u haven't played yet?

What irks me is that when a site gives a highly anticipated game a score thats less than a 9, the minions of the Internet call "conspiracy". I remember that CVG was viewed as biased on N4G at one point...but then when they give Yakuza 4 a 9..the fanboys flip flop and are nowhere to be found.

The point is, a person can give the most HONEST reviews on the net, but if fanboys don't like the score..this person will be viewed as biased by console warriors.

clank5432697d ago

Well, the problem is the criteria. When you have review sites that don't take averages and score it based on emotions then it can be frustrating. The gamespot review mostly criticized very small things and it got it pushed down to a 7.5 because he was "dissapointed" by these small issues. What I want to see are categories given certain amount of weight and then take an average. Pretty much no website does that anymore and I think that is the only true way to get a review score.

Istanbull2697d ago

Lol whats up with you? This is the 4th time today that I see someone bitching about "game is getting mixed reviews", how mixed are the scores? Ive seen only 8s and 9s, stop b!tching around.

kza2697d ago

LOL how am i bitching im getting the game but im saying if the game was as good as ur trying to make it sound then why are the reviews so mixed, i saw a review here yesterday gave it 6/10 WTF.

clank5432697d ago

^ Actually, the lowest review anywhere has given it a 7/10from Gamepro. You must be thinking of the original Infamous.

Kee2697d ago

Brilliant, this game should see some great sales, too.

Genius move from sony, giving the first one away for free a week before the sequel's release.

I can't wait, just replayed the original this very week to refresh myself and I'll be ready to get this next week when my pre-order comes in! :D

HeavenlySnipes2697d ago

Is pan out the camera a little. Just like in the SOCOM beta, the camera was waaay to close to the player. During the InFamous 2 demo the camera got stuck quite a few times in buildings or got too close when I tried to melee.

IMO it should be far back when running around and stuff and only zoom in when you are doing finishers or grinding (to make it look cooler).

Zynga2697d ago

That's exactly how I felt when I was playing the demo. The camera needs improving.

Pintheshadows2697d ago

It wasn't a massive issue but I agree. The camera in 1 seems further away from Cole. Even when aiming. Everything else about the demo was WIN! Did you notice Hey, Low Reach and Assassins Need were on at the cinema?