Your Most Anticipated game of E3 REVEALED

250,000 votes. Even more page views. Over 6,000 Facebook 'Likes'. Hundreds of Tweets.

When we asked the CVG readership to elect their Most Anticipated game of E3, we had no idea of the incredible, global response it would attract.

To refresh, for the past three weeks, our reader poll has given you all the chance to vote for a choice of 60 titles on our Most Anticipated long list.

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B-radical2694d ago

Good list :) good to see dead island in there. Battlefield 3 for 4th spot was good also :)

BeOneWithTheGun2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Elder Scrolls are the only games that actually makes me avoid people, my job and food.

Pyscho_Mantis2694d ago

food 0_0

Now that aint right...

somerandomdude2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Call of Duty isn't on the list.. That is probably the best part of this list. I'm hoping the First Person Shooter craze ends soon.

Western rpg's seem to be on the rise and of course the elder scrolls series has a lot to do with that.

NukaCola2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Dead Island doing a Borderlands approach sort of reduces the scary cause there are XP/HP marks made everywhere, but making it RPG-like with endless modding is cool. I mean it feels more arcady. I was expecting a Bioshock type of SP, but they are doing a mix between L4D & Borderlands in the co-op and that is pleasing to hear.

Danniel12694d ago

I'm booking the day off work for skyrim so make of that what you will.

gamingdroid2693d ago

I would think CoD is more anticipated than BF?

AAACE52693d ago

All good games that are guaranteed to suck up a lot of hours played!

Caleb_1412693d ago


Hell if I could book off a week I would

ChrisW2693d ago

No surprise that Battlefield 3 made it on the list. As for Modern Warfare 3, it's also no surprise.

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Chaostar2694d ago

I was going through their facebook page to 'like' all the games I'm looking forward to but found that they never posted Uncharted 3! Considering they used these 'likes' to tally up scores for their list it's not surprising to find it mysteriously absent.

I could be wrong but I've just looked today and still can't find it.

RedDead2694d ago

Not everyone loves Uncharted

Chaostar2694d ago

Never said they did but you'd think they would at least include it on their page so people could vote if they wanted?

MysticStrummer2694d ago

@RDD - That could be shown with a vote, but UC3 didn't even get to participate. Don't see how you can say that isn't odd.

AAACE52693d ago

Well, I loved Uncharted 2 and will probably feel the same way about 3! Also looking forward to the new Tomb Raider. That trailer got me interested.

paintsville2688d ago

Uncharted?? MEH.

Skyrim is going to ROCK on 360. Then Xbox live will get the DLC first just like fallout did. Can't wait!!

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somerandomdude2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Is Uncharted 3 going to be unveiled at E3? If not that is why it's not on the list.

@ below. I'm not sure about either.. I was just asking because it did seem strange U3 wasn't on the list. The title seems to suggest the list of games are games that will be shown at E3.

Chaostar2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

This is a list of most anticipated games not unrevealed games. Do you think Skyrim is yet to be announced?

edit: Ah I see, simple misunderstanding. No Uncharted will not be getting a reveal but I'm 100% certain it will be there in the form of either a new trailer or even a live gameplay demo.

somerandomdude2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Actually U3 is on the list. It's kind of confusing how they did it because it is broken up into 3 parts.


look at the middle / bottom of this link for the full list of games. (in 3 parts)

Halo4 and Gears3 were also on this list that didn't make the top 5. It looks like people want multi platform games since they are the ones making the top 5.

Chaostar2693d ago

Yeah I see that but I was talking about their Facebook page, which never posted a link to Uncharted so people never got a chance to vote.

The page is here if you wanna check it out:

TXIDarkAvenger2694d ago

Every game on this list is multi-platform so that be the reason y Uncharted 3 isn't on the list.

Bladesfist2693d ago

I like uncharted but i think the website is more towards pc games

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SuperLupe2694d ago

Not a single exclusive up in there.

Rattlehead202694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

That just goes to show that the average gamer outside of N4G don't care whether a game is exclusive or not.

All that matters is that the software is there...and is good.

@Below: I never said people don't care about the game itself..Just whether they are exclusive or not..I guarantee Mario would still sell shit loads if it was multiplat.

MariaHelFutura2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Yes. People don`t care about Mario.


Exclusives matter whether you like to admit it or not. Halo is the reason the Xbox brand still exists today.

LOGICWINS2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

"That just goes to show that the average gamer outside of N4G don't care whether a game is exclusive or not."

THANK YOU! Common sense right here people. Gamers outside of the Internet are concerned with playing great games..regardless of platform. Translation: They don't have allegiances to pieces of plastic.

@Maria- Your putting words in peoples mouths. NO ONES saying that exclusives "don't matter"..we are just saying that exclusives shouldn't be AUTOMATICALLY put on a pedestal just because they are exclusive.

SuperLupe2694d ago

Yeah, I guess thats something that MS figured out this gen and capitalized on it.

MariaHelFutura2694d ago

I misread what you said....sorry.

XabiDaChosenOne2694d ago

If a game is good, your right nobody would care if its an exclusive or not. But please don't try to act like people don't care about exclusives.

Pyscho_Mantis2694d ago

please use some logic... exclusives help people choose which system thya want to helps the sales of a system.

The following competition above shows popularity and obviously multi games will be more popular cuz both ps3 and 360 fans will look forward toit. Exclusives such as uncharted 3 are only popular among ps3 users and gears of war 3 only anticipated by 360 users.

evrfighter12694d ago

"That just goes to show that the average gamer outside of N4G don't care whether a game is exclusive or not. "

could we get a Best Comment of E3 award going here mods?

MysticStrummer2694d ago

The majority of my favorite games this gen are exclusives. That would be true whether I looked at N4G or not.

BIGBOSS082693d ago

exclusives matter. dont you see how sales increase when an exclusive is released?

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Hellsvacancy2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

And no Hitman V, wtf? and what bout Dark Souls? screw Resident evil

Shackdaddy8362694d ago

I don't think they want to get flame from fanboys by letting an exclusive be in the top 5. Because that's what usually happens..

vhero2693d ago

"That just goes to show that the average gamer outside of N4G don't care whether a game is exclusive or not. "

Nope it doesnt you gotta think on this list you got a chance of everybody voting for a multiplatform game but a 360 only owner wont vote for a ps3 game will he? And vice versa. That's why Multi games only won as lets be fair here 360s not got many exclusives to look forward too so most 360 only owners will vote for multi anyway much more than ps3 only owners who will probably have gone for exclusives. I am not stating biased here nor fact its basic math when you look at it.

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Foxgod2694d ago

The top 2 are must plays for me :)

Kee2694d ago

Skyrim is my number one, too!!!!
Dark Souls is a close second.

Gurt_McSquirt2694d ago

I'm glad, as well, to see Skyrim in the number 1 spot. I just fear that all this publicity on it will create too high of expectations, and the game won't seem nearly as good.

Foxgod2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

All it has to do is come close to morrowind.
For that, all Skyrim has to do is drop the fast traveling, and the lvling enemies.

Hopefully those two things from Oblivion took the highway.

In oblivion it kind of sucked that every opponent had glass armors and uber equipments, as soon as you hit lvl 20 or so.

Adexus2694d ago

Nope, those are still in but I don't mind that they are, especially fast travel since you don't have to use it, levelling enemies is a nuisance but one I can live with. Skyrim looks incredible to me.

Tru_Blu2694d ago

I'm not 100% positive about this but heard it's going to be like this. Enemies will be whatever level you are when you first encountered them. I agree though, it should be they are pre-programed levels and you have to avoid battles with strong enemies until you are ready.

Foxgod2694d ago

Hopefully they changed to leveling system then.
If enemies level, dont apply it to humans, and dont apply it to equipment either.

Just make the town guards really high lvled from the start.
Let some adventurers level, but not all, and not on the pace of the player, but on their own pace.

Only let the monsters lvl on the same pace as the player, and not the ones in dungeons already cleared.

Hopefully itl be a bit like that.

Myze2694d ago

I hope they change the leveling system as well. I'm not sure how they could even think of leaving in the same system, without significant changes, considering the vast majority of complaints from almost every source (most importantly, players) was that system, and why I consider the PC version vastly superior, having the leveling mod.

I should mention though, that while I like the Elder Scrolls game, I've never appreciated them as much as most people. RPGs tend to be my favorite games, but Bethesda always goes for atmosphere and freedom over storyline. That's the reason I prefer games like Mass Effect 1/2 and Witcher 1/2 where storyline is first and foremost (ME2 and Witcher 2 also have better gameplay, but Skyrim looks to be improving on that as well, so we will see). I guess the main thing I'm saying is, I hope Skyrim has a richer and more enveloped storyline (and not 20% story 80% side-missions/free roaming, like Oblivion).

On the other games on the list: While UC3 is my most anticipated game, the game I'm most interested in seeing more of in terms of multiplats is Batman. I haven't looked into it much so I'm not sure if anything has been revealed, but I'm anxious to see what kind of new gameplay will be in the game. The first one was a very good and fun game, so really all they need is more diversity (although the first had a good bit) and an overall bigger game (which I think is confirmed).

BIGBOSS082693d ago

in a interview they said, the enemies will level like in fallout.