Killing The Dream: Sonic Goes Social And Mobile

Forming a partnership with the largest social gaming developer on mobile devices, OpenFeint will join forces with Sega to bring Sonic to the smartphone market this summer.

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Butt0n_m4sher2692d ago

as long as they dont mess it up, i do love Sonic!

JoeIsMad2692d ago

Yeah, Sonic is great in the Sonic 1-4 sense. I didn't much care for him in 3D iterations.

oNIXo2692d ago

Why does this guy's stuff get approved? He either copies and paste stuff from other websites or doesn't do any research. He tires to get hits to justify his "journalism," that is crappy at best, at BEST. Please stop approving this guys stuff. Please.

This guy is one of the reasons why N4G is not taken seriously. God, stop approving.

Aarix2691d ago

That pretty much sums all of N4G i'm afraid. N4G isnt taken seriously because of all the fanboyism.