We need more hardcore PC games

When everything came together, it was like the computing heavens opened up. You were doing things your buddies and your parents couldn’t. I remember calling my dad into the room once telling him to check out the graphics spewing from our home machine. He was actually dumbfounded that the PC he was using to track records on spreadsheets was suddenly churning out Kilrathi warships

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Rikan2718d ago

Alas, the PC's power is ball and chained to the consoles....Its all about money.

BeastlyRig2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

maybe pc games are selling more since The Witcher 2, Metro,Rage,Dues Ex & BF3 are Pc lead platform!

Need for speed: the run uses frostbite so I guess pc it lead.

Arma3 & Red Orchestra 2 will be very hardcore!

mobijoker2718d ago

Hardcore games are a rarity now.Everything is just for casuals.Now you do not beat a game,rather you just walk through it.

yamzilla2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )


not really man, all my games are next gen, all the time, and the consoles are
last gen in comparisson.

I run everything in 1920x1080 or 2560x1600 with 16x-64x anti aliasing at 60-120 frames per second

sure, we play a ton of the same games, but i assure you, what is being played on consoles across america and the world looks nothing, NOTHING like what that same game looks like maxed out on a nice pc

here's just one example, take it to be true for 90% of multiplat's because it is!!


on console, sub-hd, blurry, jaggie mess, agitated shadows flickering, wierd pop-in and a stuttery frame rate that dipped into the low 20's with tons of screen tear

on my pc true 1080p or 1600p (depends on whether i want the plasma or the monitor), not a single jaggies, 120 frames per second smooth, perfect shadows and it looked way better than the consoles best exclusives with ease, better than uncharted 2, better than killzone 3, better than alan wake

a lot better!!

And thats a shitty b-game from people can fly who made painkiller of all things, they are a B developer

Now things like metro2033 dx11 and the witcher 2 make ps3 and 360 look 2 generations old, i tried going back and playing (rental version) of killzone 3 and it looked so ASS, even when i moved it down to my 24" monitor(i thought it might help as i usually play console games on the smallest screen possible because they look so terrible on my 50" plasma) i had to stop playing it

This article is stupid

all hardcore games are on PC


plus we get 95% of every ps3 and 360 game while consoles only get about 2% of the above listed generes
(excluding rpg's, the consoles do get quite a few of those)

plus all the mods, total coversions

in fact, i would dare to say, the pc is the only place left for a hardcore gamer

ohhhhhhh.....the kinect, thats hardcore, move, wii

day one dlc, thats hardcore

720p.....whoooo-hooo thats bad ass, have not seen that since 1998

StbI9902718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

And thus this what we gentlemen and gentlewomen see here, is a clear representation of what round on the brain of what is called a so pc gamer, blinded by technicals success and not by the content of the game itself...

Hey, check it out, he plays his game at
1920x1080 or 2560x1600 with 16x-64x anti aliasing at 60-120 frames per second

Meanwhile I play mines at
720p, 1280xless with (whatever) anti-aliasing at 20-30-40 or 60 FPS.

But what does it matter for me¿? that at the end of the day I played the damn actual game not the hatware LOL, oh pc gamers, so shallow, obvious noticing huh guys?

Anyway, have fun bangin that hardware boy, meanwhile, let me play some L.A Noire. ;).

yamzilla2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

but la noire sucks.....

imo at least...i rented it, it looked like the sims 2 and played like a shitty adventure game with terrible gameplay mechanics, walk to a crime scene look for a clue, pick up a usless cup or bottle or cigarette butt that looked like it was rendered on a ps1

you don't honestly think pc gamers don't have all the consoles too??

I, and most pc gamers I know have a ps3, 360, dsi, iphone, gaming laptop, bad ass desktop, still have my ps2, super nintendo

so i play every game, but i rent most console games as I am not a big fan of sub-hd anymore

it's like asking you to watch a movie you are really excited about on a 20" Zenith tube on vhs when you have a bluray and a nice plasma, it would be idiotic to you to do that, thats how it is for pc gamers with any, ANY multiplat.


keep telling yourself there is barely a difference between pc and console;

1920x1080p with 16x anti aliasing at 60 frames per second
1024x720 (being a generous average for console resolution some being as low as 940x540-alan wake) and very little aa, tons of jaggies, pop-in, screen tearing and 20-30 frames

not to mention the larger/better texture work, draw distance, ambient occlusion, anistophic filtering, tesselation, HDR, bloom...ect...ect...

ohhh yeah, they are real close

now go watch avatar on vhs! it's the same thing man!

reznik_zerosum2718d ago

console gamer and talking about "shallow",thats sad

Nadasico2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

That over exaggerated inflated bs arrogant, egotistical statement. Is the exact reason why you have two bubbles going on 1. An why the majority of people on this site and GT can't stand PC gamers. I play PC/PS3 so don't even attempt bsing me with a response.

The difference in plenty of games is marginal at best even now. An the over exaggeration of jaggies plz. As for Bullet Storm I can't speak for that as I couldn't stand playing that game beyond a demo. PC performance is a case by case bases. So you can quit spouting pointless numbers from a rig you may or may not have. Metro in DX11 is one of the few games that stretches its legs showing a nice difference graphically. An as nice as that is its to bad graphics alone is not all it takes to make a great game.

All hardcore games are on PC man please gtfoh with that bs statement. An that list of a few genres means absolutely nil.I could break down exactly why but responding to your bs post is taking long enough already. 95% of console games yea in what world cause its not this one. 95% of 360's catalog maybe but the rest no.

Mods are ******* conversions in a larger form stop listing them as separate things. I agree in that it is the real biggest benefit to playing a few games on PC. Also I can tell how far gone you head is if you think graphics and resolution is everything. There are still PS1 games I would rather play to this day. Over the majority of the garbage this gen has produced especially in the rpg genre.

2 generations old hmph apparently you haven't seen 2 generations in a long time. Let me refresh your memory.

reznik_zerosum2718d ago

8800 beats xbox and that sure is sad

Perkel2717d ago

as i agree on some parts, PC is not main platform anymore.

Point is if you want to make a game. It must be on consoles to be succesfull.

RDR, LA noire, and a LOT of games are not even ported to PC.

As of RTS etc .

Same song was with FPS gengre.

No Quake 3 can be on console or CS etcetc . Few years later 90% of modern FPS games main platform is console not PC.

I love games like Europa universalis 3 , X3 Terran conflict, CS , Age of empires or Baldurs Gate but i don't see any gangre that can't be played on consoles.

It is only audience problem. Most of Hardcore games ligh flight sim, Europa or X3 don't sell 1mln units.

Today for console game 1 mln is diseaster. For PC more and more not so good.

Witcher 1 sold 1,8 mln and they got even + some low cash.

PC is now platform for indie games thanks to Steam and orhet DD services. All mainsteam gaming moved from PC to Consoles.

Id software Quake dudes make RAGE for x360 and ps3,

Betsheda Daggerfall, Morrowind etc main platform are consoles now.

Lionhead Black&White earlier as bullfrog Dungeon keeper. Now x360 excusive games.

System Shock develpers now console developers as main platform with their bioshock.

Blizzard already think about consoles.

Activision.. Duuhhh

EA.. where their Fifa games for PC are not even comparable with Console counterparts

Epic ?

Crytek ?

Civilization ....

I can go on and on...

Question is which developer gone back from consoles to PC ? 1 ? 2 ? None ?

What we need is to stop thinking consoles are evil PC are good but try to change developers voting with your money.

PS3 allow to ave M+k setup as UT3 showed. So why we shouldn't buy EU3 for console if would have this feature.

Nadasico2717d ago

Ok for one the majority resolution is 1280x720 so get that right. 2 my point was the majority of games that can be directly compared do not showcase a major difference. If the difference was so great then even comparing directly at 720p resolution would show a huge gap but it doesn't. An the games that don't run at that rez most of them are garbage anyway. Homefront being the perfect recent example looks like **** even on pc 1920x1080 60fps in directx 11.

You can spend your time pointing out developers that couldn't cut it for a resolution. That or they work on an unoptimized engine for PS3 like rockstar has. Though the reality is in the majority of games the difference is not enough to matter. An by the time it is for every game the real nex gen will start. An you can stay deprived of all the great games consoles have to offer still. While I play both an you play whatever happens to come your way on PC due to a sever lack of options in high end titles. Outside of multiplatform titles and the occasional good PC exclusive.

Dirt 3 another perfect example with the difference being pretty much nil. I ran a test between 1280x720 and 1080 I had kill myself tying to see some amazing difference. Hell gametrailers did one all at the same res so you have a constant for comparing. Which is how you actually compare something if you didn't know. An they all look so damn close its retarded. If the difference was so great on every game, the compared game wouldn't matter.

@reznik_zerosum the 8800 was a spot on card for its time. Yet its outdated now by a long shot and yet the PS3 and 360 are still going along just fine. An there is a reason you haven't seen another card like the 8800 since then. It had more to do with timing then anything else.

2717d ago
Nadasico2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

You are not assuring me of anything when I have the damn game myself. It looks like trash on any settings so you can hold your unnecessary response from her on out. If I need someone to tell me what a game looks like on my PC I'll let you know. MOH was a garbage game, BC2 spawn trapping and rock paper scissors balance you can have it. Crysis used for a benchmark more then a game. Arma 2 again boring, team fortress 2 still boring played it for like 8 hours I tried to force it. Sniper ghost warrior can't speak for that as I don't force myself to try an play every fps on the market.

An stalker the PC favorite well lets see here. I hate horror check and fps games are one ofmy least favorite genres check. Also the sound of the weapons in that game are horrible. An there are thousands of games that I don't give a **** about. So if they came to console it still wouldn't make a difference now would it. Piles of shovelware does nothing to impress me. There are hundreds of mmo's that will never see the light of day on consoles.

Though on my PC they are not even worth the bandwidth to download them. So talking about a bunch of games that mean nothing really gets you nowhere. The point is only a few games ever really matter. Which is why people can't keep the Witcher 2 out of their mouths. Though the rate that the PC gets games people can't keep off of their lips is significantly lower then consoles.

Every game does not look like Metro 2033 with directx 11 turned on. Perfect example as I said before is how ugly Homefront still is maxed out. An Witcher 2 shits all over your directx 11 bs as its directx 9 and runs over the majority of directx 11 supported tittles. So you can stop spouting dirextx 11 like putting it on any game makes it the second coming. One of PC's very on developers proved just how much they can achieve without directx 11, CD Porject.

Rikan2717d ago

I have a top-end,terrific pc/eyefinity setup. What I am saying is we would see more ground-breaking, hardware squeezing games a la Crysis 1 were it that there were more PC-only developed titles. Epic's Samiritan footage only seems 'cool' and 'new' to console kids--but those graphics were capable on PC a while ago...

Because games are now almost always developed with the consoles in priority, we see things like DX11/Tesselation etc take a back seat (see Crysis 2).
Just my opinion...

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ATiElite2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

very true! + Bubbles for well said

All the Hardcore titles are coming from mostly small European Developers looking to make an name for themselves. These have become the best Devs to get games from.

GSC Game world
CD Projekt RED
CCP Games
Bohemia Interactive Studio
4A Games
Frictional Games
and many many more!

ATiElite2718d ago

you want Hardcore?
Go fire up Eve Online or X3 Terran Conflict!

Now as far as graphics...oh don't worry Ray Tracing is coming very soon and when it gets here....our PC's are gonna die trying.

But in the meantime Doom 4, The Witcher 2, BF3, Metro New Light, Forged By Chaos, Arma 3, STALKER 2 plus a few MMO's that use the CryEngine 2 will make your PC have to work.

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