Vandal: Infamous 2 Review

If you remotely enjoyed InFamous, don't even think twice about InFamous 2... it's almost a jump comparable to that from Uncharted to Uncharted 2 (almost), it is our familiar InFamous experience indeed, but better in every way.

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NateCole2697d ago

This game is getting some really mixed scores let alone the reviews themselves. Dosent matter. Already bought.

TheLastGuardian20102697d ago

Oh yeah. Could care less about the reviews at this point...the demo sold the game to me.

elite-shot2696d ago

The phrase is 'i COULDN'T care less'
just saying.

finnhima2696d ago

Its only gotten two 7 scores, but in all honesty I expect it to get either more 7's or lower from some of these other websites to come. Edge, destructoid,, thunderbolt, etc.

NukaCola2697d ago

The reviews read at the 80's-90's%% but they are giving out 70's%. I don't get it why the media wants Sony to fail. I expect bad scores for UC3 too. I read them but I never let it influence my buying decision.

TheLastGuardian20102697d ago

Well to be fair there's been like 2 scores like that. One from gamepro which gave it a 3.5/5, and Gamespot which gave it a 7.5/10.

The majority have been between 8 and 9/.

NukaCola2696d ago

I guess I shouldn't care. Blows my mind that IGN gave this game a 9. Maybe the end is near. Dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria!

NateCole2697d ago

Sony exclusives are just held at a higher standard. The story according to other reviewers is not good but others its excellent. Seems odd. I suspect those that are giving low scores haven't played it completely or they are reviewing an old build. It just seems odd.

badjournalism2697d ago

This seems to be a major issue this generation with reviewers. I have yet to read a review on any game this gen that matches the score they give at the end.

GodofSackboy2697d ago

The thing is that metacritic have counted every low score for this game, but havent counter anything higher than 9. Hmm...

Fulensenca2697d ago

"I don't get it why the media wants Sony to fail."

My grandpa, in this case, would say: "no one does something for free".

My grandpa is very old, not very smart, but he is rather wise and often he is right.

metsgaming2696d ago

i guarantee they are going to bash UC3 no matter what. It could be better than UC2 in every single way and it will get way lower scores. Never again should anyone listen to reviews when you actually look at their history.

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TrevorPhillips2697d ago

This review is better then Gamespots :)

Sizzon2697d ago

Really mixed opinions and scores :-)

Pintheshadows2697d ago

I forgot how good the original was. That is why it's 9.20am and i've not been to sleep.

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