Warning: No Instructions Included

There's nothing quite like the smell of a fresh videogame. Better than a new car. Better than a sweet-smelling girl. Better than a fragrant cake.

What is that smell? Is it merely glue and paper, some mass-produced industrial ink? Or is it something magical? Does it simply represent that feeling, the feeling of a new game in your hands as you race down the road, tearing off the plastic between stoplights?

The first thing that greets you when that folded cardboard comes undone, other than a mess of discs, is an instruction manual. Or it used to.

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YoMeViet4872d ago

meh i prefer tutorials rather than thick manuals.
Manuals tell you what to do, tutorials show you how its done.

Captain Tuttle4872d ago

Both early releases of Fallout 1 and 2's manuals were great. They're tough to find today (I've got both).

MK_Red4872d ago

Agreed. I don't have the Fallout 1 manual but Fallout 2's manual is fantastic. I love every bit of it and I kinda use it every time I play for info on perks and other stuff. Love the handwritten parts.

xionpunk4872d ago

I got into the habit of always reading through the entire manual before i play a new game. yes it is lame, but its something that I started when i was a kid. Not really to know how to play but just to know more about the game itself. I always thought the metal gear manuals had awesome character artwork -

sak5004872d ago

Nothing beats the smell of freshly bathed girl.

MK_Red4872d ago

Superb find and article. God, thinking of my first read of Fallout manual just makes me... WOW.
It was more like a story book and I loved seeing Vault Boy toons all over the manual. Seriously, what is wrong with games nowadays?

PS. the smell of the new game box is one of the main reasons I hate digital download for games.

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