How to change your PSN password, alternative fix for PS3 users

Product-Reviews writes: Yesterday, we informed you that the website that Sony uses to generate new passwords for PlayStation Network users was offline for maintenance, with no sign of it returning anytime soon. However, it looks like there is a way around that for those of you who are having trouble - using Sony's Qriocity website instead.

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tr00p3r2698d ago

This method actually works!

MintBerryCrunch2696d ago

better yet...just create a new user on your ps3...go to activate the account...put your email address in, press the "forgot password" will then ask for your birthday...put that in and it will tell you that they sent you an email on how to get a new one...i just did...and i totally forgot that the account was for India lol...and they have Burnout Paradise for free with PS+

Kewl_Kat2696d ago

Mint, would your method work with the welcome back package? I already downloaded my games, but my brother still can't sign in.

NateCole2697d ago

Its already back up the site for password. Finally able to get online yesterday after 3 days to trying.

CPmonkey2696d ago

Yeah this method works, and actually helped me reset my foreign PSN account password. Which I was having trouble with.

Dogswithguns2696d ago

It worked for me.finally..thankyou.