Six Things We Want to See in Final Fantasy XIII-2

1UP: Fanboy caterwauling aside, FFXIII wasn't a bad game -- but we can think of ways to make its sequel even better.

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versusALL2790d ago

First off, their were no random battles in Final Fantasy XIII. Multiple approaches for combat-Totally agree on that, wouldn't mind it being less liner.

-Mezzo-2790d ago

I really hope this is a "WOW" game, i love the previous one, but at points i felt like stop playing it.

RedDead2790d ago

Needs towns and or minigames, it needs to put you in places where battle's aren't the focus, that was the ultimate fail in FFXIII for me, all you did was jog and battle, no talking or any feeling of freedom.

Troll-without-Bridge2790d ago

i was about to say this, random battles? lolwut

Reibooi2790d ago

Yeah no idea why they talk about random battles when there were non in FFXIII.

Aside from that I would like to see towns come back and be more open ended(like how X-2 was basically do the story line whenever you want and more of the game was side quests then the main story line).

Mini games should be in there and they have a place for that in the game with the Nautilus park that Vanille and Sazh went to.

As for the whole not wanting Snow in the game. Well I bet he is gonna have heavy involvement. He is supposed to be Serah's Husband/boyfriend and considering she is the main character he might be there alot(unless he disappeared along with Lightning which is entirely possible).

I'm looking forward to the game I liked XIII and going by X-2 alot of Game play issues will be fixed(X-2 may have had a crap story but they made a better battle system and MUCH more open world)

iamtehpwn2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Although I liked the original, it still needs some improvements. I'd recommend:

1) Exploration
2) Overworld with Controllable Airships and vehicles
3) Minigames and side diversions
4) Towns
5) New Paradigm Jobs
6) New Upgrading system to replace Crystallium
7) Fix the some what Awkward Camera
8) Limit Breaks
9) Victory Fanfare and the original Prelude
10) Traditional shop system
11) Raise in difficulty
12) Tutorial type Linearity ends after about 3 to 5 hours as opposed to 25-30 in the first XIII.
13) Optional Challenge bosses like Omega Weapon.

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CrimsonEngage2790d ago

Let's kill this series already. What number are we on again? FF 35 or something? Talk about milking a franchise.

Louis_Guzman2790d ago

and while we're at it, lets kill off Mortal Kombat. What are they on? 9,10?

Foxgod2790d ago

Part one actually, the series rebooted :)

Louis_Guzman2790d ago

Rebooted huh? I guess that's what happens when your parent company (Midway) goes bankrupt and your fighting game franchise gets launched into the gutter. Had to start out fresh by fishing Boon and his decrepit fighting game out of the sewers. You're right man, makes sense now.

Foxgod2790d ago

Ofcourse, and i hope square will do the same.

MK went from nothing to awesome!
Imagine if FF could become awesome again!!

Foxgod2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

I want FF to be based on crystals again.
Just like how it was in FF 1 to 7.

FF6 and 7 where very original, by turning the crystals in 6 into dead bodies of espers, and allowing summons and magics trough them.
And in 7 the crystals where concentrations of life stream from the planet, also allowing summons, and magics.

Then for some reason they turned it to cards in 8, and came with even crappier idea's after that.....

Troll-without-Bridge2790d ago

If there are FF's heavily based on crystals its FFXIII-FFXIII-2 and versus XIII.

Foxgod2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

True, but its not the same.
They where not really equip~able, and not the main focus of the plot either.

In FF6 and 7, you could set whatever crystal to whatever character, and that way build your character as you see fit with its own magics and summons.

On the later FF games everything is preset in a silly grid, you cant really customize things anymore.

Away with the grids! and the silly default summons, and bring back the customizing!

iamtehpwn2789d ago

Dude. Final Fantasy XIII is part Fabula Nova Crystallis; New Crystal Legend.

Peaceful_Jelly2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Why can't Square leave FF alone and create new franchises? Why now everything has to be named FF? Why we have 4 different FFXIII games? Why ruining the numbered series with the inclusion of an MMO instead of being called FF Online or something like they did with Tactics?

What happened to Square? Where are the new Chrono Trigger's, FFVI's, Secret of Mana's, Xenogear's? There is no innovation anymore, now everything's about milking FF and ruining old franchise like Parasite Eve.

Foxgod2790d ago

Sniff, i was so disappointed with Xenosaga.
Why didnt square keep the franchise and make us a sequel to the greatness called Xenogears........

The good old days of the snes and the first half of the psx, they where such warm years for J-rpg fans :)

I switched to w-rpgs now, i occasionally try a j-rpg, but they are not charming anymore :(
Heres hoping that Konami will announce a new Suikoden at e3.

Suikoden is the last pillar standing of the once great tower of j-rpgs :)

whydoyouask2790d ago

How about a completely new game, with characters that don't suck (Except for Sazh, he can be in it.) And a story that makes sense with a lot less made up crap (I mean who actually gave a crap about L'cie and Fal'cie, i sure didn't).

I would also like to see a character is doesn't get effing depressed every time something happens.