G4- Konami President Shinji Hirano on Metal Gear and More

G4: "Adam Sessler talks with Konami President Shinji Hirano for a deeper look at everything revealed at their pre-E3 2011 press conference, including news on Metal Gear, Silent Hill, NeverDead, and a new Transfarring System."

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MoDyDo2695d ago

Westernization, changing is good but scary

zackacloud2695d ago

Capcom in RE and DMC just failed.

Square Enix FF13 just failed.

Because their smart CEOs think when Westernization their huge titles people will like it in west.

The truth west people miss real DMC , RE and FF.

Changing isn't Raiden complete game enough ??

I love the idea of Rising, ninja way of fighting and hiding it very intrested to play.

And i was wish to play raiden in mgs4 but now get a whole adventure ( whole game ) and i just love it.

MoDyDo2695d ago

You know, what I noticed is that no western developer has ever said we need to easternize our games to cater for eastern audience and they delivered a lot of great games that also have been received positively in the japanese market, on the other hand japanese developers are so desperate to cater for the western audience and they forgot what made their games what they were
MGS is my favorite franchise and it's a great franchise and I just hope they don't screw it up like the games you mentioned

smashman982695d ago

Im sorry but Resident Evil 5 failed?

may not have been the best in the series but by no means did it fail

and DMC isnt even out yet so how could it have failed

And ffXIII most certainly did not fail once again not the best in the series but even then i would give it a solid 8/10

add that to the fact that it sold millions of copies there is no way that can be considered a failure

smashman982695d ago

what i will agree with is that these companies need to stop saying we should westernize these games how bout " we should create a game that is totally original and awesome and will sell well because of it" if we saw more of this it would be great

MoDyDo2695d ago

I think he meant it by a fan of these games perspective, these games aren't that good compared to the originals except for DMC cuz as you said it's not out but for what we saw we're just worried, the point is westernization didn't really workout that well, just look at demon's souls, this game caters for RPG gamers not only western gamers.

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VampiricDragon2695d ago

the best thing they are doing right now is publishing 3 rpgs in japan

I want to see those plus suikoden

MoDyDo2695d ago

of course there are great games in japan but how many compared to western games in this gen?

VampiricDragon2695d ago

Way more to me. But thats my opinion

Konamis best work this gen was on portables.

MoDyDo2694d ago

Each one of us has his opinion but the mass is something else, I enjoyed some jap games this gen and there are great games coming soon (last guardian, tales of graces f, tales of xillia) and I hope more will come :)

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Neko_Mega2695d ago

I just get how Peace Walkering and MGS3 is coming to 360 to.

RevXM2695d ago

This winter season...
RISING for Nintendo Cafe?

soljah2695d ago

not sure way. but somehow the name konami on a game title doesn't excite me like it used to. even the metal gear universe is wearing thin. i loved how all those old mgs games had that quirky Japanese feel to them. now it seems like kojima n komani want their games more like cod and battlefield, not a good thing, hope the other Japanese developers don't sell out.

soundslike2695d ago

That was a really good interview, although short.

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