Surprising PSN Fallout

It has been a little over a month since the beginnings of the PSN debacle and Sony is looking forward to putting this whole ordeal behind them as they prepare for E3. While it was going on, many analysts came out on both sides of the fence about how this will impact Sony revenues. The results are in and they are shocking.

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moparful992694d ago

No software=no sales... No surprise there...

a08andan2693d ago

And they don't take into account that this time every year is usually slow, sales-wise. :)

Reibooi2693d ago

Yeah I kinda laughed when they tried to link lower sales of the hardware to the PSN attack. This is the slow part of the year and people are gonna be buying less consoles and games naturally. 15% decrease isn't that big a deal. Now if it was like a 50% or more decrease then perhaps they might have a argument there but as it stands not so much.

The lost money was from not being able to sell DLC and downloadable games and from having to pay to get things up and running again. The difference in Hardware and physical software sales is probably negligible at best.

Knushwood Butt2693d ago

Lame site trying to get cheap hits.

They are about 4 weeks too late for that.

pixelsword2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

@ a08andan:

That would require rudimentary analytical skills...

kneon2693d ago

That's too much work. He would have also had to look over the past several years and do an adjustment for the time of year. Is a sales drop abnormal for this time of the year? Don't know, they didn't bother to check it out.

But I would expect that leading up to E3 sales would trend slightly downward as people wait for word of price drops, upgrades, bundles etc. It may not account for all of it but it's almost certainly a factor.

pixelsword2693d ago

You are correct, kneon: that was a very intelligent post.

Jacobster2693d ago

Even if these figures are true it shows how people can be easily led by fear i.e. hacking. I think what's happening now will definitely shape the future and yes I agree there is an element of seasonality to take into consideration too.

monkeyfox2693d ago

14.3 million sold of an expected 15?!!?? er.. thats bad news is it?? wow.. also dropping 100K worldwide also doesnt sound that bad.

This time of the year is notorious for not being the best for gaming - sales always suffer in summer, i guess people actually go outside and junk..

Rikan2693d ago

This article/author is stupid.

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