Days of Thunder/Top Gun Movie and Game Hybrid Blu-rays Coming

Joystiq: "You love Tom Cruise. We get it, he's dreamy. You want to own everything even tangentially related to him, but there's a conundrum now that Days of Thunder and Top Gun are now both movies and games.

Each disc will include a copy of the movie and its respective game. Plus, it adds a physical case to the download-only games, so you can finally display them in your shrine! According to Amazon, the wonder-discs will be released on June 7 at $30 each."

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Nitrowolf22698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

Sweet Movie/Game combo now.
Imagine if Sega worked out a deal with Marvel studio Movie publisher and instead of having lame games come out the same day as the movie they could release a BD/Game combo like this on dvd/BD release day. I could only see better sales of both the games and movies

Edited: Oh they are download games okay
but still it would be awesome if they did.

tweet752697d ago

wow gamers will think the movie is great , the game is crap

Quagmire2697d ago

Two Tome Cruise movies, no less. There def needs to be more film/game hybrids down the line, such as:

300/ God of War 3
Arkham Asylum/ The Dark Knight
Kingdom of Heaven/ Assassin's Creed
Fast & Furious/ Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
Alien/ Dead Space
District 9/ Resistance
Indiana Jones/ Uncharted